Commit e5f1f8ca authored by Joachim Pouderoux's avatar Joachim Pouderoux Committed by Code Review

Merge topic 'fix-crash-in-vtkPlotPoints' into master

49683cc5 Fix crash when vtkPlotPoints has no Axis
parents e5e7ef9e 49683cc5
......@@ -142,8 +142,9 @@ void vtkPlotPoints::Update()
vtkDebugMacro(<< "Updating cached values.");
else if ((this->XAxis->GetMTime() > this->BuildTime) ||
(this->YAxis->GetMTime() > this->BuildTime))
else if (this->XAxis && this->YAxis &&
((this->XAxis->GetMTime() > this->BuildTime) ||
(this->YAxis->GetMTime() > this->BuildTime)))
if ((this->LogX != this->XAxis->GetLogScale()) ||
(this->LogY != this->YAxis->GetLogScale()))
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