Commit dafc433d authored by David C. Lonie's avatar David C. Lonie
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Rerun the back buffer test if front buffer test fails.

Since the FrontBuffer option was taken out, the testing framework
will first test the backbuffer, and if that fails, then test the front

However, if a test fails, the images uploaded to CDash show the wrong
data. For instance:

shows the valid image as completely black, while the actual failure:

shows that the number of labels displayed has changed.
parent 33b23386
6ffe5ff5814929cec5ac89bccce67352 f772e3804b50551463c751df1b7767f3
95bc74d792d762d3fa4ba49b5fd89fe2 9933986344c7db276c5bbbbefcec29dd
...@@ -408,7 +408,18 @@ int vtkTesting::RegressionTest(double thresh, ostream &os) ...@@ -408,7 +408,18 @@ int vtkTesting::RegressionTest(double thresh, ostream &os)
rtW2if->ReadFrontBufferOn(); rtW2if->ReadFrontBufferOn();
rtW2if->Update(); rtW2if->Update();
res = this->RegressionTest(rtW2if.Get(), thresh, out2); res = this->RegressionTest(rtW2if.Get(), thresh, out2);
os << out2.str(); // If both tests fail, rerun the backbuffer tests to recreate the test
// image. Otherwise an incorrect image will be uploaded to CDash.
if (res == PASSED)
os << out2.str();
return this->RegressionTest(rtW2if.Get(), thresh, os);
} }
else else
{ {
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