Commit c66b776f authored by Dave DeMarle's avatar Dave DeMarle
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Fix state playback of netcdfpop files.

Array enable state is wrong in this reader including the fact that when
state is played back no arrays are enabled. With no arrays, the i,j,k
spacing is undefined and paraview crashes. Note this is not a complete fix.
It does not make fix the fact that it is impossible to disable arrays properly
but it at least makes it consistent that all arrays are enabled by default.
parent bd592a13
......@@ -154,6 +154,7 @@ int vtkNetCDFPOPReader::RequestInformation(
if(finaldim == 3){
strcpy(this->VariableArrayInfo[this->nvarspw], this->VariableName[i]);
this->data[i] = 1;
for(int m=0;m<finaldim;m++){
CALL_NETCDF(nc_inq_dimlen(this->ncFD, dimidsp[m], (size_t*) &Dimensions[m])); //acquire variable dimensions
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