Commit a975b849 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Disallow vtk_module argument "DEFAULT"

Reject accidental use of the DEFAULT keyword argument.  All module
request variables default to OFF.  Some modules may be built by default
through group variables that default to ON.

Change-Id: I303968fa8a9fa77ad7d4d68e8168c97aa9e49b09
parent 2d323fc4
......@@ -46,10 +46,7 @@ macro(vtk_module _name)
list(APPEND VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_DEPENDS "${arg}")
list(APPEND VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_IMPLEMENTS "${arg}")
elseif("${_doing}" MATCHES "^DEFAULT")
#message(FATAL_ERROR "Invalid argument [DEFAULT]")
# Ignore the default again - this should go once groups work.
#set(VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_DEFAULT "${arg}")
set(_doing "")
message(FATAL_ERROR "Invalid argument [DEFAULT]")
elseif("${_doing}" MATCHES "^GROUPS")
# Groups control larger groups of modules.
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