Commit 4ac1e161 authored by David DeMarle's avatar David DeMarle
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protect against no input to prevent crash

comes up in paraview server side rendering in which the client
side has no input
parent 0414e8b3
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ void vtkOSPRayVolumeMapperNode::Render(bool prepass)
vtkAbstractVolumeMapper* mapper = vtkAbstractVolumeMapper::SafeDownCast(this->GetRenderable());
if (!vol->GetProperty())
vtkErrorMacro("VolumeMapper had no vtkProperty");
// this is OK, happens in paraview client side for instance
......@@ -69,7 +69,11 @@ unsigned long vtkOSPRayVolumeNode::GetMTime()
if (mapper)
mtime = std::max(mtime, mapper->GetDataSetInput()->GetMTime());
vtkDataObject *dobj = mapper->GetDataSetInput();
if (dobj)
mtime = std::max(mtime, dobj->GetMTime());
if (mapper->GetMTime() > mtime)
mtime = mapper->GetMTime();
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