Commit 44c63782 authored by Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar Marcus D. Hanwell Committed by Code Review
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Merge topic 'no-vtk_module-DEFAULT' into master

a975b849 Disallow vtk_module argument "DEFAULT"
parents 2d323fc4 a975b849
......@@ -46,10 +46,7 @@ macro(vtk_module _name)
list(APPEND VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_DEPENDS "${arg}")
list(APPEND VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_IMPLEMENTS "${arg}")
elseif("${_doing}" MATCHES "^DEFAULT")
#message(FATAL_ERROR "Invalid argument [DEFAULT]")
# Ignore the default again - this should go once groups work.
#set(VTK_MODULE_${vtk-module}_DEFAULT "${arg}")
set(_doing "")
message(FATAL_ERROR "Invalid argument [DEFAULT]")
elseif("${_doing}" MATCHES "^GROUPS")
# Groups control larger groups of modules.
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