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# memmgr back ends: compile only one of these into a working library
# (For now, let's use the mode that requires the image fit into memory.
# This is the recommended mode for Win32 anyway.)
SET(systemdependent_SRCS jmemnobs.c)
# library object files common to compression and decompression
jcomapi.c jutils.c jerror.c jmemmgr.c
# compression library object files
jcapimin.c jcapistd.c jctrans.c jcparam.c jdatadst.c jcinit.c
jcmaster.c jcmarker.c jcmainct.c jcprepct.c jccoefct.c jccolor.c
jcsample.c jchuff.c jcphuff.c jcdctmgr.c jfdctfst.c jfdctflt.c
# decompression library object files
jdapimin.c jdapistd.c jdtrans.c jdatasrc.c jdmaster.c
jdinput.c jdmarker.c jdhuff.c jdphuff.c jdmainct.c jdcoefct.c
jdpostct.c jddctmgr.c jidctfst.c jidctflt.c jidctint.c jidctred.c
jdsample.c jdcolor.c jquant1.c jquant2.c jdmerge.c
IF (WIN32)
VTK_ADD_LIBRARY(vtkjpeg ${systemdependent_SRCS} ${common_SRCS} ${compression_SRCS} ${decompression_SRCS})
COMPONENT Development)
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This directory contains a subset of the Independent JPEG Group's (IJG)
libjpeg version 6b. We only include enough of distribution to build
libjpeg. We do not include the standard executables that come with
libjpeg (cjpeg, djpeg, etc.). Furthermore, the standard libjpeg build
process is replaced with a CMake build process.
We'd like to thank the IJG for distributing a public JPEG IO library.
jconfig.h is usually generated by the build process. For this distribution,
we ship a version of jconfig.h to be used across several platforms.
jmorecfg.h was altered to support Windows DLL generation. We also
changed the typedef INT32 to be an "int" instead of a "long".
some "index" parameters have been renamed to index2 to avoid shadowing
index BSD function.
CHANGE LOG for Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
Version 6b 27-Mar-1998
jpegtran has new features for lossless image transformations (rotation
and flipping) as well as "lossless" reduction to grayscale.
jpegtran now copies comments by default; it has a -copy switch to enable
copying all APPn blocks as well, or to suppress comments. (Formerly it
always suppressed comments and APPn blocks.) jpegtran now also preserves
JFIF version and resolution information.
New decompressor library feature: COM and APPn markers found in the input
file can be saved in memory for later use by the application. (Before,
you had to code this up yourself with a custom marker processor.)
There is an unused field "void * client_data" now in compress and decompress
parameter structs; this may be useful in some applications.
JFIF version number information is now saved by the decoder and accepted by
the encoder. jpegtran uses this to copy the source file's version number,
to ensure "jpegtran -copy all" won't create bogus files that contain JFXX
extensions but claim to be version 1.01. Applications that generate their
own JFXX extension markers also (finally) have a supported way to cause the
encoder to emit JFIF version number 1.02.
djpeg's trace mode reports JFIF 1.02 thumbnail images as such, rather
than as unknown APP0 markers.
In -verbose mode, djpeg and rdjpgcom will try to print the contents of
APP12 markers as text. Some digital cameras store useful text information
in APP12 markers.
Handling of truncated data streams is more robust: blocks beyond the one in
which the error occurs will be output as uniform gray, or left unchanged
if decoding a progressive JPEG. The appearance no longer depends on the
Huffman tables being used.
Huffman tables are checked for validity much more carefully than before.
To avoid the Unisys LZW patent, djpeg's GIF output capability has been
changed to produce "uncompressed GIFs", and cjpeg's GIF input capability
has been removed altogether. We're not happy about it either, but there
seems to be no good alternative.
The configure script now supports building libjpeg as a shared library
on many flavors of Unix (all the ones that GNU libtool knows how to
build shared libraries for). Use "./configure --enable-shared" to
try this out.
New jconfig file and makefiles for Microsoft Visual C++ and Developer Studio.
Also, a jconfig file and a build script for Metrowerks CodeWarrior
on Apple Macintosh. has been updated for DJGPP v2, and there
are miscellaneous other minor improvements in the makefiles.
jmemmac.c now knows how to create temporary files following Mac System 7
djpeg's -map switch is now able to read raw-format PPM files reliably.
cjpeg -progressive -restart no longer generates any unnecessary DRI markers.
Multiple calls to jpeg_simple_progression for a single JPEG object
no longer leak memory.
Version 6a 7-Feb-96
Library initialization sequence modified to detect version mismatches
and struct field packing mismatches between library and calling application.
This change requires applications to be recompiled, but does not require
any application source code change.
All routine declarations changed to the style "GLOBAL(type) name ...",
that is, GLOBAL, LOCAL, METHODDEF, EXTERN are now macros taking the
routine's return type as an argument. This makes it possible to add
Microsoft-style linkage keywords to all the routines by changing just
these macros. Note that any application code that was using these macros
will have to be changed.
DCT coefficient quantization tables are now stored in normal array order
rather than zigzag order. Application code that calls jpeg_add_quant_table,
or otherwise manipulates quantization tables directly, will need to be
changed. If you need to make such code work with either older or newer
versions of the library, a test like "#if JPEG_LIB_VERSION >= 61" is
djpeg's trace capability now dumps DQT tables in natural order, not zigzag
order. This allows the trace output to be made into a "-qtables" file
more easily.
New system-dependent memory manager module for use on Apple Macintosh.
Fix bug in cjpeg's -smooth option: last one or two scanlines would be
duplicates of the prior line unless the image height mod 16 was 1 or 2.
Repair minor problems in VMS, BCC, MC6 makefiles.
New configure script based on latest GNU Autoconf.
Correct the list of include files needed by MetroWerks C for ccommand().
Numerous small documentation updates.
Version 6 2-Aug-95
Progressive JPEG support: library can read and write full progressive JPEG
files. A "buffered image" mode supports incremental decoding for on-the-fly
display of progressive images. Simply recompiling an existing IJG-v5-based
decoder with v6 should allow it to read progressive files, though of course
without any special progressive display.
New "jpegtran" application performs lossless transcoding between different
JPEG formats; primarily, it can be used to convert baseline to progressive
JPEG and vice versa. In support of jpegtran, the library now allows lossless
reading and writing of JPEG files as DCT coefficient arrays. This ability
may be of use in other applications.
Notes for programmers:
* We changed jpeg_start_decompress() to be able to suspend; this makes all
decoding modes available to suspending-input applications. However,
existing applications that use suspending input will need to be changed
to check the return value from jpeg_start_decompress(). You don't need to
do anything if you don't use a suspending data source.
* We changed the interface to the virtual array routines: access_virt_array
routines now take a count of the number of rows to access this time. The
last parameter to request_virt_array routines is now interpreted as the
maximum number of rows that may be accessed at once, but not necessarily
the height of every access.
Version 5b 15-Mar-95
Correct bugs with grayscale images having v_samp_factor > 1.
jpeg_write_raw_data() now supports output suspension.
Correct bugs in "configure" script for case of compiling in
a directory other than the one containing the source files.
Repair bug in jquant1.c: sometimes didn't use as many colors as it could.
Borland C makefile and jconfig file work under either MS-DOS or OS/2.
Miscellaneous improvements to documentation.
Version 5a 7-Dec-94
Changed color conversion roundoff behavior so that grayscale values are
represented exactly. (This causes test image files to change.)
Make ordered dither use 16x16 instead of 4x4 pattern for a small quality
New configure script based on latest GNU Autoconf.
Fix configure script to handle CFLAGS correctly.
Rename *.auto files to *.cfg, so that configure script still works if
file names have been truncated for DOS.
Fix bug in rdbmp.c: didn't allow for extra data between header and image.
Modify rdppm.c/wrppm.c to handle 2-byte raw PPM/PGM formats for 12-bit data.
Fix several bugs in rdrle.c.
NEED_SHORT_EXTERNAL_NAMES option was broken.
Revise jerror.h/jerror.c for more flexibility in message table.
Repair oversight in jmemname.c NO_MKTEMP case: file could be there
but unreadable.
Version 5 24-Sep-94
Version 5 represents a nearly complete redesign and rewrite of the IJG
software. Major user-visible changes include:
* Automatic configuration simplifies installation for most Unix systems.
* A range of speed vs. image quality tradeoffs are supported.
This includes resizing of an image during decompression: scaling down
by a factor of 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 is handled very efficiently.
* New programs rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom allow insertion and extraction
of text comments in a JPEG file.
The application programmer's interface to the library has changed completely.
Notable improvements include:
* We have eliminated the use of callback routines for handling the
uncompressed image data. The application now sees the library as a
set of routines that it calls to read or write image data on a
scanline-by-scanline basis.
* The application image data is represented in a conventional interleaved-
pixel format, rather than as a separate array for each color channel.
This can save a copying step in many programs.
* The handling of compressed data has been cleaned up: the application can
supply routines to source or sink the compressed data. It is possible to
suspend processing on source/sink buffer overrun, although this is not
supported in all operating modes.
* All static state has been eliminated from the library, so that multiple
instances of compression or decompression can be active concurrently.
* JPEG abbreviated datastream formats are supported, ie, quantization and
Huffman tables can be stored separately from the image data.
* And not only that, but the documentation of the library has improved
The last widely used release before the version 5 rewrite was version 4A of
18-Feb-93. Change logs before that point have been discarded, since they
are not of much interest after the rewrite.
Copyright (C) 1994-1998, Thomas G. Lane.
This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
Here is a road map to the files in the IJG JPEG distribution. The
distribution includes the JPEG library proper, plus two application
programs ("cjpeg" and "djpeg") which use the library to convert JPEG
files to and from some other popular image formats. A third application
"jpegtran" uses the library to do lossless conversion between different
variants of JPEG. There are also two stand-alone applications,
"rdjpgcom" and "wrjpgcom".
Include files:
jpeglib.h JPEG library's exported data and function declarations.
jconfig.h Configuration declarations. Note: this file is not present
in the distribution; it is generated during installation.
jmorecfg.h Additional configuration declarations; need not be changed
for a standard installation.
jerror.h Declares JPEG library's error and trace message codes.
jinclude.h Central include file used by all IJG .c files to reference
system include files.
jpegint.h JPEG library's internal data structures.
jchuff.h Private declarations for Huffman encoder modules.
jdhuff.h Private declarations for Huffman decoder modules.
jdct.h Private declarations for forward & reverse DCT subsystems.
jmemsys.h Private declarations for memory management subsystem.
jversion.h Version information.
Applications using the library should include jpeglib.h (which in turn
includes jconfig.h and jmorecfg.h). Optionally, jerror.h may be included
if the application needs to reference individual JPEG error codes. The
other include files are intended for internal use and would not normally
be included by an application program. (cjpeg/djpeg/etc do use jinclude.h,
since its function is to improve portability of the whole IJG distribution.
Most other applications will directly include the system include files they
want, and hence won't need jinclude.h.)
C source code files:
These files contain most of the functions intended to be called directly by
an application program:
jcapimin.c Application program interface: core routines for compression.
jcapistd.c Application program interface: standard compression.
jdapimin.c Application program interface: core routines for decompression.
jdapistd.c Application program interface: standard decompression.
jcomapi.c Application program interface routines common to compression
and decompression.
jcparam.c Compression parameter setting helper routines.
jctrans.c API and library routines for transcoding compression.
jdtrans.c API and library routines for transcoding decompression.
Compression side of the library:
jcinit.c Initialization: determines which other modules to use.
jcmaster.c Master control: setup and inter-pass sequencing logic.
jcmainct.c Main buffer controller (preprocessor => JPEG compressor).
jcprepct.c Preprocessor buffer controller.
jccoefct.c Buffer controller for DCT coefficient buffer.
jccolor.c Color space conversion.
jcsample.c Downsampling.
jcdctmgr.c DCT manager (DCT implementation selection & control).
jfdctint.c Forward DCT using slow-but-accurate integer method.
jfdctfst.c Forward DCT using faster, less accurate integer method.
jfdctflt.c Forward DCT using floating-point arithmetic.
jchuff.c Huffman entropy coding for sequential JPEG.
jcphuff.c Huffman entropy coding for progressive JPEG.
jcmarker.c JPEG marker writing.
jdatadst.c Data destination manager for stdio output.
Decompression side of the library:
jdmaster.c Master control: determines which other modules to use.
jdinput.c Input controller: controls input processing modules.
jdmainct.c Main buffer controller (JPEG decompressor => postprocessor).
jdcoefct.c Buffer controller for DCT coefficient buffer.
jdpostct.c Postprocessor buffer controller.
jdmarker.c JPEG marker reading.
jdhuff.c Huffman entropy decoding for sequential JPEG.
jdphuff.c Huffman entropy decoding for progressive JPEG.
jddctmgr.c IDCT manager (IDCT implementation selection & control).
jidctint.c Inverse DCT using slow-but-accurate integer method.
jidctfst.c Inverse DCT using faster, less accurate integer method.
jidctflt.c Inverse DCT using floating-point arithmetic.
jidctred.c Inverse DCTs with reduced-size outputs.
jdsample.c Upsampling.
jdcolor.c Color space conversion.
jdmerge.c Merged upsampling/color conversion (faster, lower quality).
jquant1.c One-pass color quantization using a fixed-spacing colormap.
jquant2.c Two-pass color quantization using a custom-generated colormap.
Also handles one-pass quantization to an externally given map.
jdatasrc.c Data source manager for stdio input.
Support files for both compression and decompression:
jerror.c Standard error handling routines (application replaceable).
jmemmgr.c System-independent (more or less) memory management code.
jutils.c Miscellaneous utility routines.
jmemmgr.c relies on a system-dependent memory management module. The IJG
distribution includes the following implementations of the system-dependent
jmemnobs.c "No backing store": assumes adequate virtual memory exists.
jmemansi.c Makes temporary files with ANSI-standard routine tmpfile().
jmemname.c Makes temporary files with program-generated file names.
jmemdos.c Custom implementation for MS-DOS (16-bit environment only):
can use extended and expanded memory as well as temp files.
jmemmac.c Custom implementation for Apple Macintosh.
Exactly one of the system-dependent modules should be configured into an
installed JPEG library (see install.doc for hints about which one to use).
On unusual systems you may find it worthwhile to make a special
system-dependent memory manager.
Non-C source code files:
jmemdosa.asm 80x86 assembly code support for jmemdos.c; used only in
MS-DOS-specific configurations of the JPEG library.
Include files:
cdjpeg.h Declarations shared by cjpeg/djpeg/jpegtran modules.
cderror.h Additional error and trace message codes for cjpeg et al.
transupp.h Declarations for jpegtran support routines in transupp.c.
C source code files:
cjpeg.c Main program for cjpeg.
djpeg.c Main program for djpeg.
jpegtran.c Main program for jpegtran.
cdjpeg.c Utility routines used by all three programs.
rdcolmap.c Code to read a colormap file for djpeg's "-map" switch.
rdswitch.c Code to process some of cjpeg's more complex switches.
Also used by jpegtran.
transupp.c Support code for jpegtran: lossless image manipulations.
Image file reader modules for cjpeg:
rdbmp.c BMP file input.
rdgif.c GIF file input (now just a stub).
rdppm.c PPM/PGM file input.
rdrle.c Utah RLE file input.
rdtarga.c Targa file input.
Image file writer modules for djpeg:
wrbmp.c BMP file output.
wrgif.c GIF file output (a mere shadow of its former self).
wrppm.c PPM/PGM file output.
wrrle.c Utah RLE file output.
wrtarga.c Targa file output.
C source code files:
rdjpgcom.c Stand-alone rdjpgcom application.
wrjpgcom.c Stand-alone wrjpgcom application.
These programs do not depend on the IJG library. They do use
jconfig.h and jinclude.h, only to improve portability.
Documentation (see README for a guide to the documentation files):
README Master documentation file.
*.doc Other documentation files.
*.1 Documentation in Unix man page format.
change.log Version-to-version change highlights.
example.c Sample code for calling JPEG library.
Configuration/installation files and programs (see install.doc for more info):
configure Unix shell script to perform automatic configuration.
ltconfig Support scripts for configure (from GNU libtool).
install-sh Install shell script for those Unix systems lacking one.
ckconfig.c Program to generate jconfig.h on non-Unix systems.
jconfig.doc Template for making jconfig.h by hand.
makefile.* Sample makefiles for particular systems.
jconfig.* Sample jconfig.h for particular systems.
ansi2knr.c De-ANSIfier for pre-ANSI C compilers (courtesy of
L. Peter Deutsch and Aladdin Enterprises).
Test files (see install.doc for test procedure):
test*.* Source and comparison files for confidence test.
These are binary image files, NOT text files.
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* jcapimin.c
* Copyright (C) 1994-1998, Thomas G. Lane.
* This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
* For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
* This file contains application interface code for the compression half
* of the JPEG library. These are the "minimum" API routines that may be
* needed in either the normal full-compression case or the transcoding-only
* case.
* Most of the routines intended to be called directly by an application
* are in this file or in jcapistd.c. But also see jcparam.c for
* parameter-setup helper routines, jcomapi.c for routines shared by
* compression and decompression, and jctrans.c for the transcoding case.
#include "jinclude.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"
* Initialization of a JPEG compression object.
* The error manager must already be set up (in case memory manager fails).
jpeg_CreateCompress (j_compress_ptr cinfo, int version, size_t structsize)
int i;
/* Guard against version mismatches between library and caller. */
cinfo->mem = NULL; /* so jpeg_destroy knows mem mgr not called */
if (version != JPEG_LIB_VERSION)
if (structsize != SIZEOF(struct jpeg_compress_struct))
(int) SIZEOF(struct jpeg_compress_struct), (int) structsize);
/* For debugging purposes, we zero the whole master structure.
* But the application has already set the err pointer, and may have set
* client_data, so we have to save and restore those fields.
* Note: if application hasn't set client_data, tools like Purify may
* complain here.
struct jpeg_error_mgr * err = cinfo->err;
void * client_data = cinfo->client_data; /* ignore Purify complaint here */
MEMZERO(cinfo, SIZEOF(struct jpeg_compress_struct));
cinfo->err = err;
cinfo->client_data = client_data;
cinfo->is_decompressor = FALSE;
/* Initialize a memory manager instance for this object */
jinit_memory_mgr((j_common_ptr) cinfo);
/* Zero out pointers to permanent structures. */
cinfo->progress = NULL;
cinfo->dest = NULL;
cinfo->comp_info = NULL;
for (i = 0; i < NUM_QUANT_TBLS; i++)
cinfo->quant_tbl_ptrs[i] = NULL;
for (i = 0; i < NUM_HUFF_TBLS; i++) {
cinfo->dc_huff_tbl_ptrs[i] = NULL;
cinfo->ac_huff_tbl_ptrs[i] = NULL;
cinfo->script_space = NULL;
cinfo->input_gamma = 1.0; /* in case application forgets */
/* OK, I'm ready */
cinfo->global_state = CSTATE_START;
* Destruction of a JPEG compression object
jpeg_destroy_compress (j_compress_ptr cinfo)
jpeg_destroy((j_common_ptr) cinfo); /* use common routine */
* Abort processing of a JPEG compression operation,
* but don't destroy the object itself.
jpeg_abort_compress (j_compress_ptr cinfo)
jpeg_abort((j_common_ptr) cinfo); /* use common routine */
* Forcibly suppress or un-suppress all quantization and Huffman tables.
* Marks all currently defined tables as already written (if suppress)
* or not written (if !suppress). This will control whether they get emitted
* by a subsequent jpeg_start_compress call.
* This routine is exported for use by applications that want to produce
* abbreviated JPEG datastreams. It logically belongs in jcparam.c, but
* since it is called by jpeg_start_compress, we put it here --- otherwise
* jcparam.o would be linked whether the application used it or not.