Commit 0e25e61c authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'hdf5_1_10_0'


 Fix compilation errors when building with HDF5 1.10.0
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Ben Boeckel's avatarBen Boeckel <>
Merge-request: !2474
parents 0ba50b3d 6541e9c7
......@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ NC_FILE_INFO_T *nc4_find_nc_file(int ncid);
int nc4_find_dim(NC_GRP_INFO_T *grp, int dimid, NC_DIM_INFO_T **dim, NC_GRP_INFO_T **dim_grp);
int nc4_find_dim_len(NC_GRP_INFO_T *grp, int dimid, size_t **len);
int nc4_find_type(NC_HDF5_FILE_INFO_T *h5, int typeid, NC_TYPE_INFO_T **type);
NC_TYPE_INFO_T *nc4_rec_find_nc_type(NC_GRP_INFO_T *start_grp, hid_t target_nc_typeid);
NC_TYPE_INFO_T *nc4_rec_find_nc_type(NC_GRP_INFO_T *start_grp, nc_type target_nc_typeid);
NC_TYPE_INFO_T *nc4_rec_find_hdf_type(NC_GRP_INFO_T *start_grp, hid_t target_hdf_typeid);
NC_TYPE_INFO_T *nc4_rec_find_named_type(NC_GRP_INFO_T *start_grp, char *name);
NC_TYPE_INFO_T *nc4_rec_find_equal_type(NC_GRP_INFO_T *start_grp, int ncid1, NC_TYPE_INFO_T *type);
......@@ -139,7 +139,11 @@ static int H5FD_dsm_cmp(const H5FD_t *_f1, const H5FD_t *_f2);
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1)||((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=8))
static haddr_t H5FD_dsm_get_eoa(const H5FD_t *_file, H5FD_mem_t type);
static herr_t H5FD_dsm_set_eoa(H5FD_t *_file, H5FD_mem_t type, haddr_t addr);
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1)||((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=10))
static haddr_t H5FD_dsm_get_eof(const H5FD_t *_file, H5FD_mem_t type);
static haddr_t H5FD_dsm_get_eof(const H5FD_t *_file);
static haddr_t H5FD_dsm_get_eoa(H5FD_t *_file);
static herr_t H5FD_dsm_set_eoa(H5FD_t *_file, haddr_t addr);
......@@ -155,6 +159,9 @@ static const H5FD_class_t H5FD_dsm_g = {
"dsm", /*name */
MAXADDR, /*maxaddr */
H5F_CLOSE_WEAK, /*fc_degree */
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1)||((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=10))
NULL, /*terminate */
NULL, /*sb_size */
NULL, /*sb_encode */
NULL, /*sb_decode */
......@@ -687,7 +694,10 @@ H5FD_dsm_set_eoa(H5FD_t *_file, haddr_t addr)
static haddr_t
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1)||((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=8))
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1)||((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=10))
H5FD_dsm_get_eof(const H5FD_t *_file, H5FD_mem_t type)
#elif ((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR>=8))
H5FD_dsm_get_eof(const H5FD_t *_file)
H5FD_dsm_get_eof(H5FD_t *_file)
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