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    Introduced a new chart selection mode · f82398af
    Marcus D. Hanwell authored
    This commit introduces a new chart selection mode to the charts, based
    on plots rather than rows. The default remains row-based selection,
    where a selection in one plot causes all corresponding points in the
    same row of the table to be selected in other plot objects. This
    behavior was improved slightly to iterate through and accumulate
    selections in all plots (rather than just using that of the last plot
    which resulted in confusing behavior).
    The plot based selection keeps any selection specific to a plot. The
    vtkPlot object that originated a selection is stored in the PROP
    property of the vtkSelectionNode, with the SOURCE property being used to
    store the table the selection is on. The vtkSelection object will have a
    vtkSelectionNode object for each plot with a selection on it. All of the
    normal selection combination rules are applied per-plot.
    The rectangle and polygon selection mode code was refactored to reduce
    the amount of code duplication necessary. Two tests were introduced
    allowing interactive use of the chart with row or plot based selection
    using polygon selection (left mouse) or rectangle selection (right
    Change-Id: Ib739ec620b7094bcf4940767000e8620c432e341
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