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    COMP: Cleanup CMP0022 and CMP0023 warnings · ed6c07d0
    Brad King authored
    CMake 2.8.12 introduces policies CMP0022 and CMP0023 that trigger
    warnings in some of VTK's CMake code.  Fix them as follows.  The result
    is a cleaner and more explicit link specification anyway.
    CMP0022 warns when we set the LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES property directly
    without also setting the newly introduced INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES
    property directly.  Simply drop these settings because they are achieved
    already by use of the keyword-based target_link_libraries signature.
    CMP0023 warns when we use both the plain and keyword signatures of the
    target_link_libraries command for a single target.  The module macros
    use the keyword signature (LINK_PUBLIC/LINK_PRIVATE), so any direct
    calls to the plain target_link_libraries signature are doing "private"
    linking.  Add the LINK_PRIVATE keyword to such calls to make this
    explicit and avoid the warning.
    Change-Id: I1e5bf687733e3f19462da698c0d5e3899439bf02
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