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    ENH: Implicit structured data connectivity · e42bbf8f
    George Zagaris authored
    This commit introduces the vtkStructuredImplicitConnectivity class, intended
    as a lower-level helper that provides functionality for resolving
    situations where "gaps" are present in a distributed structured dataset. Gaps
    are resolved by communicating the data (growing the grid to the right) as
    necessary to close the gap. This situation is common with finite difference
    grids that are partitioned with respect to the nodes of the grid, or when some
    other post-processing filter, e.g., sampling the grid to reduce the resolution
    introduces a gap.The present implementation requires one grid per process and
    can deal with 2-D datasets -- XY,XZ,YZ -- as well as 3-D datasets. A test for
    all 2-D and 3-D cases is also added.
    Change-Id: I5260ce4fb5ced45434a719c8aacc2153253917a7
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