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    Remote.WikiExamples: Fix configuration using vtkExternalModuleMacros · 0eb714a4
    Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
    This commit fixes error like the following:
    Requested modules not available:
    The commit lorensen/VTKExamples@3da258b fixes the configuration and build
    of VTKWikiExamples as both a VTK remote module and a stand-alone project.
    It ensure **first and follow-up configurations** produce similar results
    and behave **identically**.
    The build was broken following the introduction of
    Kitware/VTK@e33b90d (ExternalModule: Improve target export to
    allow build against external module).
    The commit addresses the issue by introducing the WikiModuleConfig CMake
    module responsible for:
    * ensuring module information are exported into `VTK_MODULES_DIR` by using
    * using `vtk_module_config` to ensure that variables like `VTK_LIBRARIES`
    are set in the current scope when the project is build.
    * ensuring required compile definitions (i.e. <module>_AUTOINIT macros
    needed for object factory overrides initialization) are used.
    Co-authored-by: Bill Lorensen's avatarBill Lorensen <bill.lorensen@gmail.com>
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