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......@@ -29,8 +29,12 @@ demonstrate the file structures.
The [annotation](annotation) directory contains annotations for the MEVA Data.
The directory contains a sub directory for each form of annotation
provided in the repo. Consult the [annotation/README.txt](annotation
README) file for more information.
provided in the repo. Consult the [annotation
README](annotation/README.txt) file for more information.
The community is encouraged to add annotations for the MEVA data. See
the instructions on the [annotation README](annotation/README.txt)
file for instructions.
4. Metadata
......@@ -13,7 +13,86 @@ Inc. according to the activity definitions in
provided as JSON-formatted files described in
2. Directory Structure
The data structure within the annotation directory is as follows:
<ANNOTATION_TYPE> - This directory contains homogenously prepared
annotations using a single standard. If the annotations deviate in
any manor from the top-level documents, specializtion documentation
will be found in the documentation directory in the annotation type
activity-index.json - The activity JSON that applies to all
annotations within the directory.
<DATASET> - The name of the data set as a hole, e.g., MEVA, VIRAT, etc.
<ANNOTATION_DROP_NAME> - Second level collection for release sets.
The naming convention is flexible.
<RECORDING_DATE> - The date (YYYY-MM-DD) of the recordings stored
within the directory.
<RECORDING_BEGIN_HOUR> - The 24-hour hour of the recordings stored
within the directory.
<FILE_NAME>.<FILETYPE> - The file name and file types of each video's
annotation. The file name should not include the media file
extension. The file types of conformant annotations are:
3. Contributing Annotations
The annotation directory is designed to hold contributed annotations
from the community. The contribution process is simple - add your data
to a branch that you create and then send a merge request. The
moderators will review the structure and accept the merge request when
completed. Here're the detailed steps (See a git cheat sheets if
you're new to git.)
2.1 Clone the meva-data repo and make a branch:
% git clone
% cd meva-data-repo
% git checkout -b <YOURBRANCH>
2.2 Make a directory structure that matches the
[DIVA-phase-2](DIVA-phase-2) annotations. (See Section 2 above)
2.3 Add, commit and push your changes to git repo
% git add <YOURFILES>
% git commit
% git push -u origin <YOURBRANCH>
2.4 Issue a merge request
- Navigate a web browser to
- Click "Create merge request"
- Write a description
- For "Source Branch", select <YOURBRANCH>
- Leave "Target Branch" as master
- Select Assignee "Jon Fiscus"
- Click "Delete source branch when merge request is accepted."
- Click "Squash commits when merge request is accepted."
- Click "Submit merge request"
2.5 Work with the moderator to conform to standards
If the moderator asks for revisions, add, commit, and push revisions
to resovle the issues as needed.
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