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      AutoGen: Add test to check for correct AutoMoc dependencies · 7445c9a5
      alcroito authored
      When using Qt 5.15.0 or above together with Ninja, check that touching
      a source file of a dependency does not needlessly re-run AUTOMOC for
      the dependee target.
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      AutoGen: Fix over-specified direct dependencies of custom command · a79056bb
      alcroito authored
      The AutoMoc timestamp creating custom command explicitly depended
      on all dependencies of the origin target (associated to the AutoGen
      When an origin target depended on a shared library 'libfoo.so',
      if it was re-linked, the AutoMoc custom command would touch its
      output timestamp file, and thus cause needless rebuilding of sources,
      despite the shared library not having any influence on the AutoMoc
      generated files.
      Introduce a new '<target>_autogen_timestamp_deps' utility target,
      which will serve as an 'order-only' dependency for the custom command.
      This will prevent needless rebuilding, because touching 'libfoo.so'
      will not cause the custom command to be re-executed.
      The new AutoMoc dependency tree looks like:
          '_autogen_timestamp_deps (serves as order-only dep)'
       <- '<target_autogen>/timestamp' file ( + moc deps file)
       <- '<target>_autogen' target.
      Fixes: #21020