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      CSharp: Fix regression in VS project type selection for custom target · a56edad6
      Brad King authored
      A target created by `add_custom_target` should always be a `.vcxproj`
      file even if it has `.cs` sources involved in custom commands and such.
      The latter case was broken by refactoring in commit v3.12.0-rc1~160^2~7
      (remove TargetIsCSharpOnly() and use methods from cmGeneratorTarget,
      2018-03-19).  The reason is that the `HasLanguage` method added by
      commit v3.12.0-rc1~239^2~6 (cmGeneratorTarget: add HasLanguage() as
      wrapper for GetLanguages(), 2018-03-19) does not check the target type
      and so is not a suitable check for deciding the project file extension.
      The `HasLanguage` method was an attempt at an abstraction that turns
      out not to work very well.  Replace it with a dedicated `IsCSharpOnly`
      method that considers the target type, sources, and non-transitive
      Fixes: #18515
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