1. 15 Sep, 2017 8 commits
  2. 14 Sep, 2017 18 commits
  3. 13 Sep, 2017 14 commits
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      Merge topic 'improve-graphviz-doc' · dd67b651
      Craig Scott authored
       Docs: Improve markup for graphviz related documentation
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !1236
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      Clean up iwyu code to not be one big if statement. · 3bbe95f5
      Bill Hoffman authored
      This commit changes the internal -E__run_iwyu to be -E__run_co_compile. This
      is used for co-compile commands. These are tools that want to mirror the
      compiler. For each compiler invocation the tool will be invoked first. This
      started as a way to implement include what you use (iwyu), but has expanded
      to include cpplint, cppcheck and others. Likely there will be more in the
      future as well. This commit implements each one in its own function and
      provides a way to add additional ones in the future with less work.
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      Merge branch 'backport-autogen-target-depends' into autogen-target-depends-fix-3-9-2 · 06c8a37e
      Brad King authored
      Use the "ours" merge strategy because we already have equivalent
      changes on our side.
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      Merge branch 'backport-autogen-target-depends' into release-3.9 · badc892f
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !1257
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    • Sebastian Holtermann's avatar
      Autogen: Backport autogen target dependency as file dependency fix · d0f15817
      Sebastian Holtermann authored
      Target dependencies of the origin target were mistakenly forwarded to
      the _autogen target as *file* dependencies.  This patch introduces
      proper distinction between *target* and *file* dependencies of the
      _autogen target.
      This patch also changes when PRE_BUILD is used for AUTOGEN in the Visual
      Studio generator. Formerly PRE_BUILD was disabled when the origin target
      depended on *any* other target. Now PRE_BUILD is only disabled if a
      dependency of the _autogen target to an additional *file* is detected.
      Fixes: #17278, #17205
    • Brad King's avatar
      get_filename_component: Revise PROGRAM/PROGRAM_ARGS split semantics · 31f73eb1
      Brad King authored
      The KWSys `SystemTools::SplitProgramFromArgs` implementation goes into
      an infinite loop when the value is just " " (a space).  Since the
      "program path with unquoted spaces plus command-line arguments"
      operation it is trying to provide is poorly defined (string parsing
      should not depend on filesystem content), just stop using it.
      Instead consider the main two use cases the old approach tried to handle:
      * The value is the name or absolute path of a program with no quoting
        or escaping, but also no command-line arguments.  In this case we
        can use the value as given with no parsing, and assume no arguments.
      * The value is a command-line string containing the program name/path
        plus arguments.  In this case we now assume that the command line
        is properly quoted or escaped.
      Fixes: #17262
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      Merge branch 'bootstrap-twice-in-source' into release-3.9 · f95dcecc
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !1258
    • Brad King's avatar
      bootstrap: Fix running multiple times in-source · a3deae71
      Brad King authored
      Since commit v3.9.0-rc1~281^2 (Use quotes for non-system includes,
      2017-04-11) we include `cmConfigure.h` via `""` instead of `<>`.
      This breaks the `bootstrap` script when run more than once in an
      in-source build.  In that case `cmConfigure.h` is generated next
      to the source files that include it, so `""`-style includes prevent the
      `Bootstrap.cmk/cmConfigure.h` file from being included during bootstrap.
      Fix this by teaching the bootstrap script to remove any `cmConfigure.h`
      that may have been generated by an earlier run in an in-source build.
      Fixes: #17082
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      Merge branch 'backport-vs-fix-config-map' into release-3.9 · 9f66fe9a
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !1256
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    • Brad King's avatar
      VS: Do not consider MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG> on non-imported targets · c5b5bb27
      Brad King authored
      Since commit v3.9.0-rc1~309^2 (include_external_msproject: Honor
      MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG>, 2017-04-04) we accidentally honor
      `MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG>` while generating the `.sln` file entries
      for normal targets.  This causes `devenv.com`-driven builds to use the
      mapping incorrectly for normal targets.  Check that a target really
      comes from `include_external_msproject` before considering the map.
      Furthermore, when we do use the map, we should only take the first entry
      if more than one configuration is specified.  Otherwise we end up giving
      VS a configuration name with a `;` in it.
      Fixes: #17276
    • Christian Pfeiffer's avatar
      Platforms: Remove Windows-NMcl · c2cc91a4
      Christian Pfeiffer authored
      Since commit v2.8.10~148^2~2 (Modernize MSVC compiler information files,
      2012-08-23), the Windows-NMcl platform has been broken.
      It's most likely not needed anymore.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'msvc-base-features' · 420874bf
      Brad King authored
       MSVC: Avoid unnecessary C++ feature detection steps
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !1253