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    • Brad King's avatar
      Ensure stdin, stdout, and stderr pipes are always open · c85524a9
      Brad King authored
      On non-Windows platforms libuv assumes that file descriptors 0-2 are
      always used for standard pipes and never for anything else.  Otherwise,
      libuv may re-use one of these descriptors and then fail an assertion
      when closing it.  Similarly, On Windows platforms our ConsoleBuf
      implementation assumes that the standard handles are always open.
      If CMake is run with any standard pipes closed, open them with
      `/dev/null` or `NUL` to satisfy these assumptions.
      Fixes: #19219
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    • Craig Scott's avatar
      cmake: Ensure source and binary dirs are set · 27eb7c5b
      Craig Scott authored
      If only the source dir is provided, the binary dir is assumed
      to be the working directory. If only the binary dir is provided
      and it doesn't yet have a CMakeCache.txt to provide the
      source dir, then the source dir is assumed to be the working
      directory. This logic was not previously being handled
      correctly when -S and/or -B options were involved.
      Furthermore, when both were missing, no suitable error
      message was provided and an empty string was used for
      the build directory.
      Fixes: #18707
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    • Jon Chronopoulos's avatar
      cmake: Add '-E create_symlink' support on Windows · afb7f6e4
      Jon Chronopoulos authored
      The allows `-E create_symlink` to work on Windows.  It utilizes
      `uv_fs_symlink`.  I am still unsure exactly which Windows platforms will
      work without requiring Administrator privileges or needing a user/group
      with the "Create Symbolic Links" User Rights.  It does work with my
      Windows 10 Pro with Developer Mode turned on.  In the test suite check
      that the symlink either worked or failed with a permissions error.
      Use recent changes in cmSystemTools::FileExists to check that a symlink
      is broken.
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    • Florian Maushart's avatar
      cmake: Add options for parallel builds to --build mode · 1ab3881e
      Florian Maushart authored
      While we already support `cmake --build . -- -j`, the options after `--`
      are specific to the native build tool.  Add new options `--parallel
      [<N>]` and `-j [<N>]` to abstract this and map to the proper option
      for the native build tool.
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    • Bill Hoffman's avatar
      Clean up iwyu code to not be one big if statement. · 3bbe95f5
      Bill Hoffman authored
      This commit changes the internal -E__run_iwyu to be -E__run_co_compile. This
      is used for co-compile commands. These are tools that want to mirror the
      compiler. For each compiler invocation the tool will be invoked first. This
      started as a way to implement include what you use (iwyu), but has expanded
      to include cpplint, cppcheck and others. Likely there will be more in the
      future as well. This commit implements each one in its own function and
      provides a way to add additional ones in the future with less work.
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    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      server-mode: Introduce cmServerConnection · 1d601c6c
      Tobias Hunger authored
      Use it to split pipe and stdin/out handling out of cmServer itself.
      The server will shut down when it looses its connection to the client.
      This has the nice property that a crashing client will cause the server
      to terminate as the OS will close the connection on behave of the client.
  33. 19 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      cmake-server: Bare-bones server implementation · b13d3e0d
      Tobias Hunger authored
      Adds a bare-bones cmake-server implementation and makes it possible
      to start that with "cmake -E server".
      Communication happens via stdin/stdout for now.
      Protocol is based on Json objects surrounded by magic strings
      ("[== CMake Server ==[" and "]== CMake Server ==]"), which simplifies
      Json parsing significantly.
      This patch also defines an interface used to implement different
      versions of the protocol spoken by the server, but does not include
      any protocol implementaiton.
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    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      cmake: Add an option to control what files needs to be traced · e63151ff
      Alex Turbov authored
      Even in relatively small projects using `--trace` (and `--trace-expand`)
      may produce a lot of output.  When developing a custom module usually
      one is interested in output of only a few particular modules.
      Add a `--trace-source=<file>` option to enable tracing only a subset of
      source files.  The final output would be only from requested modules,
      ignoring anything else not matched to given filename(s).
  36. 28 Apr, 2016 1 commit