Commit c54c284d authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Tests: Improve RunCMake.CPack* test error formatting

Format message content for `message(FATAL_ERROR)`.
parent 3a7ee535
...@@ -29,8 +29,16 @@ file(READ "${bin_dir}/test_output.txt" output) ...@@ -29,8 +29,16 @@ file(READ "${bin_dir}/test_output.txt" output)
file(READ "${bin_dir}/test_error.txt" error) file(READ "${bin_dir}/test_error.txt" error)
file(READ "${config_file}" config_file_content) file(READ "${config_file}" config_file_content)
set(output_error_message string(REPLACE "\n" "\n cpack-out> " cpack_out "\n${output}")
"\nCPack output: '${output}'\nCPack error: '${error}';\nCPack result: '${PACKAGING_RESULT}';\nconfig file: '${config_file_content}'") string(REPLACE "\n" "\n cpack-err> " cpack_err "\n${error}")
string(REPLACE "\n" "\n cpack-res> " cpack_res "\n${PACKAGING_RESULT}")
string(REPLACE "\n" "\n cpack-cfg> " cpack_cfg "\n${config_file_content}")
string(CONCAT output_error_message
"CPack output:${cpack_out}\n"
"CPack error:${cpack_err}\n"
"CPack result:${cpack_res}\n"
"CPack config file:${cpack_cfg}"
# generate default expected files data # generate default expected files data
include("${src_dir}/tests/${RunCMake_TEST_FILE_PREFIX}/ExpectedFiles.cmake") include("${src_dir}/tests/${RunCMake_TEST_FILE_PREFIX}/ExpectedFiles.cmake")
...@@ -74,22 +82,22 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0) ...@@ -74,22 +82,22 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0)
string(REPLACE "\n" "\n actual> " msg_actual "\n${PACKAGE_CONTENT}") string(REPLACE "\n" "\n actual> " msg_actual "\n${PACKAGE_CONTENT}")
string(REPLACE "\n" "\n expect> " msg_expected "\n${EXPECTED_FILE_CONTENT_${file_no_}}") string(REPLACE "\n" "\n expect> " msg_expected "\n${EXPECTED_FILE_CONTENT_${file_no_}}")
"Unexpected file content for file No. '${file_no_}'!\n" "Unexpected file content for file ${file_no_}!\n"
"The content was:${msg_actual}\n" "The content was:${msg_actual}\n"
"which does not match:${msg_expected}\n" "which does not match:${msg_expected}\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
endif() endif()
elseif(foundFilescount_ EQUAL 0) elseif(foundFilescount_ EQUAL 0)
"Found no files for file No. '${file_no_}'!" "Found no files for file ${file_no_}!\n"
" Globbing expression: '${EXPECTED_FILE_${file_no_}}'" "Globbing expression:\n '${EXPECTED_FILE_${file_no_}}'\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
else() else()
"Found more than one file for file No. '${file_no_}'!" "Found more than one file for file ${file_no_}!\n"
" Found files count '${foundFilesCount_}'." "Found files count '${foundFilesCount_}'.\n"
" Files: '${FOUND_FILE_${file_no_}}'" "Files:\n '${FOUND_FILE_${file_no_}}'\n"
" Globbing expression: '${EXPECTED_FILE_${file_no_}}'" "Globbing expression:\n '${EXPECTED_FILE_${file_no_}}'\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
endif() endif()
endforeach() endforeach()
...@@ -105,7 +113,8 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0) ...@@ -105,7 +113,8 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0)
if(NOT foundFilesCount_ EQUAL allFoundFilesCount_) if(NOT foundFilesCount_ EQUAL allFoundFilesCount_)
"Found more files than expected! Found files: '${allFoundFiles_}'" "Found more files than expected!\n"
"Found files:\n '${allFoundFiles_}'\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
endif() endif()
...@@ -116,8 +125,9 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0) ...@@ -116,8 +125,9 @@ if(NOT EXPECTED_FILES_COUNT EQUAL 0)
if(found_ EQUAL -1) if(found_ EQUAL -1)
"Expected files don't match found files! Found files:" "Expected files don't match found files!\n"
" '${allFoundFiles_}'" "Found files:\n"
" '${allFoundFiles_}'\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
endif() endif()
endforeach() endforeach()
...@@ -127,7 +137,7 @@ else() ...@@ -127,7 +137,7 @@ else()
file(GLOB checkMissingFiles_ RELATIVE "${bin_dir}" "${missing_file_glob_}") file(GLOB checkMissingFiles_ RELATIVE "${bin_dir}" "${missing_file_glob_}")
if(checkMissingFiles_) if(checkMissingFiles_)
message(FATAL_ERROR "Unexpected files found: '${checkMissingFiles_}'" message(FATAL_ERROR "Unexpected files found:\n '${checkMissingFiles_}'\n"
"${output_error_message}") "${output_error_message}")
endif() endif()
endforeach() endforeach()
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