Commit 7fce2d37 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Revert "Add support for ASAN -fsanitize=address flag"

Revert commit 1b37305b (VS: Add support for ASAN -fsanitize=address
flag, 2021-04-21).  The tag `EnableASAN` is created in
`ItemDefinitionGroup` but it needs to be in `PropertyGroup`.  Revert the
mapping pending an implementation in the generator.

Issue: #21081
parent 9d4a0f12
......@@ -1222,12 +1222,5 @@
"name": "EnableASAN",
"switch": "fsanitize=address",
"comment": "Enable Address Sanitizer",
"value": "true",
"flags": []
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