Commit 0b10b3ed authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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cmMakefileTargetGenerator: Inline WriteObjectBuildFile in only call site

parent 9150c818
......@@ -423,25 +423,17 @@ void cmMakefileTargetGenerator::WriteObjectRuleFiles(
// Create the directory containing the object file. This may be a
// subdirectory under the target's directory.
std::string dir = cmSystemTools::GetFilenamePath(obj);
std::string dir = cmSystemTools::GetFilenamePath(obj);
// Save this in the target's list of object files.
// TODO: Remove
// std::string relativeObj
//= this->LocalGenerator->GetHomeRelativeOutputPath();
// relativeObj += obj;
// we compute some depends when writing the depend.make that we will also
// use in the build.make, same with depMakeFile
std::vector<std::string> depends;
// generate the build rule file
this->WriteObjectBuildFile(obj, lang, source, depends);
// The object file should be checked for dependency integrity.
std::string objFullPath =
cmStrCat(this->LocalGenerator->GetCurrentBinaryDirectory(), '/', obj);
......@@ -450,12 +442,7 @@ void cmMakefileTargetGenerator::WriteObjectRuleFiles(
this->LocalGenerator->AddImplicitDepends(this->GeneratorTarget, lang,
objFullPath, srcFullPath);
void cmMakefileTargetGenerator::WriteObjectBuildFile(
std::string& obj, const std::string& lang, cmSourceFile const& source,
std::vector<std::string>& depends)
......@@ -91,11 +91,6 @@ protected:
// write the rules for an object
void WriteObjectRuleFiles(cmSourceFile const& source);
// write the build rule for an object
void WriteObjectBuildFile(std::string& obj, const std::string& lang,
cmSourceFile const& source,
std::vector<std::string>& depends);
// write the depend.make file for an object
void WriteObjectDependRules(cmSourceFile const& source,
std::vector<std::string>& depends);
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