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    Help: Add new section for CPack generators · 2a2829cc
    Kyle Edwards authored
    The documentation for CPack generators previously lived in their
    respective internal CMake modules. This setup was misleading,
    because it implied that you should include the modules in your own
    code, which is not the case. Moving the documentation into a
    separate section does a better job of hiding the internal modules,
    which are just an implementation detail. The generator documentation
    has also been modified to remove any references to the module name.
    The CPackIFW module is a special exception: since it has user-facing
    macros, the documentation for these macros has been kept in the module
    page, while all other documentation related to the IFW generator has
    been moved into the new section.
    To make it easier to find the new documentation, the old help pages
    for the CPack*.cmake modules have not been deleted, but have been
    replaced with a link to their respective help page in the new
    documentation section.
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