Commit aa68ce6b authored by felix schwitzer's avatar felix schwitzer Committed by Brad King

ccmake: fix curses dialog broken by refactoring

During refactoring in commit f6291eee (cmCursesMainForm: Modernize
with STL and ranged-for loops, 2019-02-10) a transformation of a loop
went wrong and editing the cmake cache with ccmake no longer works.
Make ccmake work again.

Fixes: #19008
parent 033728e8
......@@ -669,7 +669,7 @@ void cmCursesMainForm::FillCacheManagerFromUI()
if (existingValue) {
std::string oldValue = existingValue;
std::string newValue = entry->GetValue();
std::string newValue = entry->Entry->GetValue();
std::string fixedOldValue;
std::string fixedNewValue;
cmStateEnums::CacheEntryType t =
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