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      Created new vtk*NewMacros to replace some factories · 98ddb3e1
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      Factored the vtkStandardNewMacro into a VTK_STANDARD_NEW_BODY macro and
      a vtkStandardNewMacro. Also introduced vtkObjectFactoryNewMacro and
      vtkAbstractObjectFactoryNewMacro in order to replace the functionality
      present in some of the hard coded factories remaining from before VTK
      The vtkObjectFactoryNewMacro does what the vtkStandardNewMacro did
      previously (and will continue to do if the VTK_ALL_NEW_OBJECT_FACTORY
      option is turned on) - use the object factory override of the new method
      of the class. The vtkAbstractObjectFactoryNewMacro will attempt to
      return a class from the vtkObjectFactory::CreateInstance method, or
      return NULL if there are no overrides, i.e. the behavior of the
      vtkGraphicsFactory which is necesasary for abstract base classes like
      The VTK_ALL_NEW_OBJECT_FACTORY method allows VTK to be compiled with the
      previous behavior of all New methods using the object factory. A new
      static method was added to vtkObjectFactory largely for pragmatic
      reasons - all of those implementations already include vtkObjectFactory
      but not vtkDebugLeaks and so this reduces the change necessary to still
      work with VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS when that option is on.
      Change-Id: I06f713d70fc6d97ae086186c424a78f524592a4d
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