1. 09 Mar, 2012 7 commits
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      COMP: Added missing C++ includes for iostream · 06b53326
      George Zagaris authored
      Change-Id: Idb1072384dbc3ee0ceb2e59f4556ba5350f3000c
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      COMP: Include cmath for fmin/fmax definition · edc3fd4a
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      Added cmath include needed for fmin/fmax definition required on Windows.
      Change-Id: I66e07e2971a03d65b9f72f2a8d390b597971fd38
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      COMP: Make AMR examples depend on parallel · f4f3205c
      George Zagaris authored
      AMR examples must depend on parallel since vtkAMRUtilities is used.
      Change-Id: I16f72d6ef917849334f11c2e700c6b5f7f5a92e8
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      COMP: Change SetInput to SetInputData · 713c429e
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      Change-Id: I44dcf455a68971d91e175aaf6ca840ff38ca1588
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      ENH: Fix header tests · f451cac2
      George Zagaris authored
      Change-Id: I2fe63a6d6da049946e50434ec758bad81c6794b7
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      Merge branch 'AMR-Refactoring' · 5310856a
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      * AMR-Refactoring: (523 commits)
        COMP: Updates for VTK6
        COMP: Rename SetInput to SetInputData for VTK6
        COMP: Fix compiler warnings with unused vars
        COMP: Yanking out VTK4 pipeline logic on vtkObject
        COMP: Rename SetInput to SetInputData for VTK 6
        BUGFIX: Fix memory leak when attaching blanking
        BUGFIX: Revert to old code for blanked cells
        COMP: Fix windows issues by adding C++ includes
        COMP: Fix python wrapping for AMR kit
        ENH: Remove std namespace from PrintSelf()
        ENH: Removed old no longer used code
        COMP: Build AMR kit iff VTK_PARALLEL is ON
        COMP: Remove "vtkAMRUtilities.h" include
        Patch refinement
        WIP: Patch refinement
        ENH: Simple unit test for Flash/Enzo AMR readers
        ENH:Expose GetNumberOfLevels/GetNumberOfBlocks
        ENH: Pass VTK_DATA directory to tests
        STYLE: Change CMake commands to upper-case
        ENH: Fix PrintSelf signature for HeaderTesting
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · e650ec40
      Kitware Robot authored
  2. 08 Mar, 2012 33 commits