Commit c9b2beea authored by Chris Harris's avatar Chris Harris
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Fix hidden overloaded-virtual warning in vtkPNrrdReader

Provide implementation for other version of overloaded
method ReadHeader(vtkCharArray*). Simply delegate to the

Change-Id: I32553c4cfde908957e3299455bb0a5ade67a9eca
parent 26205a56
......@@ -553,3 +553,9 @@ int vtkPNrrdReader::ReadHeader()
return this->Superclass::ReadHeader(headerBuffer);
int vtkPNrrdReader::ReadHeader(vtkCharArray *headerBuffer)
return this->Superclass::ReadHeader(headerBuffer);
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ protected:
virtual int ReadHeader();
virtual int ReadHeader(vtkCharArray *headerBuffer);
// Description:
// Returns the size, in bytes of the scalar data type (GetDataScalarType).
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