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Merge topic 'btx-etx-hypertree' into master

0d84e304 Exclude vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor from wrapping
parents d8c776b1 0d84e304
......@@ -122,7 +122,9 @@
#include "vtkDataSet.h"
class vtkHyperTreeLightWeightCursor;
class vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor;
class vtkHyperTreeCursor;
class vtkHyperTreeInternal;
......@@ -374,22 +376,24 @@ public:
// arrays, etc. are not included in the return value). THIS METHOD
unsigned long GetActualMemorySize();
// Description:
// Initialize a super cursor to point to one of the root trees
// in the grid. The super cursor points to a node in a tree and
// also keeps pointers to the 26 neighbors of said node.
void InitializeSuperCursor(vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor* superCursor, int i, int j, int k);
// Description:
// Generate the table before calling InitializeSuperCursorChild.
void GenerateSuperCursorTraversalTable();
// Description:
// Initialize a cursor to point to a child of an existing super cursor.
// This will not work in place.
void InitializeSuperCursorChild(vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor* parent,
vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor* child,
int childIdx);
// Description:
// The number of children each node can have.
......@@ -435,7 +439,7 @@ protected:
int UpdateCellTreeLeafIdOffsets();
void DeleteInternalArrays();
void TraverseDualRecursively( vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor*,
int );
void TraverseGridRecursively( vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor*,
......@@ -445,7 +449,7 @@ protected:
unsigned char*,
int* );
// Generalizing for 27 tree. I cannot use 3 bits to encode the child to move to.
// Input: root in supercursor(3x3x3=27), child(3x3x3=27)
// Output: root, child
......@@ -53,8 +53,9 @@ protected:
virtual int FillInputPortInformation(int port, vtkInformation *info);
void ProcessTrees();
void RecursiveProcessTree(vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor* superCursor);
vtkHyperTreeGrid* Input;
vtkPolyData* Output;
vtkPoints* Points;
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