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      Makefile: Fix regression in dependencies on relative includes · d46bac5d
      Brad King authored
      Since commit a13a5c94 (Replace use of CollapseCombinedPath with
      CollapseFullPath, 2019-03-19, v3.15.0-rc1~361^2~1), one code path now
      calls `CollapseFullPath` with a base path that may be relative.
      Backport KWSys commit c6f8e24a3 (SystemTools: Fix CollapseFullPath with
      relative base path, 2019-07-24) to handle such base paths.
      This case occurs when a build tree is placed in a directory inside a
      source tree such that CMake is willing to generate a relative path from
      the build tree to the source tree.  Add a test covering this case.
      Fixes: #19507
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      Merge branch 'backport-clang-gnulike-support' into release-3.15 · 420073e5
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !3592
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      Tests: Revert "require C++14 for the Tutorial" · 4f15a6a5
      Brad King authored
      Revert commit a2a90f41 (Tests: require C++14 for the Tutorial,
      2019-03-21, v3.15.0-rc1~41^2~2).  In commit d50b31be (Clang: For MSVC
      ABI do not use modes older than C++14, 2019-07-23) we fixed the C++
      standard selection for GNU-like Clang with the MSVC ABI so the test code
      itself no longer needs to do it.  In particular, changing the tests in
      this way broke the tutorial's narrative.
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      Clang: For MSVC ABI do not use modes older than C++14 · d50b31be
      Brad King authored
      Since commit d44c0db0 (clang: setup correct configuration in gnu mode,
      2019-02-20, v3.15.0-rc1~41^2~5) we support the GNU-like Clang that
      targets the MSVC ABI.  However, Clang cannot compile with the MSVC
      standard library unless it runs in a mode aware of C++14 (since MSVC
      itself does not even have a lower mode).  When `CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD` is
      set to 98 or 11, use C++14 anyway.
      Since Clang's default mode is aware of C++14, another option is to not
      add any flags for 98 or 11.  However, if a future Clang version ever
      defaults to a higher C++ standard, setting the standard to 98 or 11
      should at least not use a mode higher than 14.
      Also revert test updates from commit 4819ff96 (Tests: fix failures
      with gnu mode clang on windows, 2019-03-21, v3.15.0-rc1~41^2~3) that
      were meant to work around the standard selection problem.
      Fixes: #19496
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