1. 05 May, 2017 1 commit
  2. 04 May, 2017 1 commit
  3. 03 May, 2017 3 commits
  4. 02 May, 2017 3 commits
  5. 01 May, 2017 6 commits
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      Add ctest options for limiting which tests fixtures add · c1b2b7c0
      Craig Scott authored
      The new options allow the user to restrict the setup and cleanup tests
      automatically added for fixtures.
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      Features: On SunPro link with language standard compiler flag · e17b1791
      Brad King authored
      When C++ feature requirements or `CXX_STANDARD` cause us to compile
      on SunPro with the `-std=c++11` option, link with the option too.
      This is needed to make the compiler use the matching standard library.
    • Brad King's avatar
      cmLocalGenerator: Add a hook for compiler flags used at link time · d037be12
      Brad King authored
      When using a compiler to drive linking we add compiler flags from
      `CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS` in case they affect the way the compiler invokes
      the linker, but we don't add flags from other places that are meant only
      for compiling sources.  Rather than calling the `AddLanguageFlags`
      method (which is used to add flags for compiling sources) directly, add
      an intermediate method that is used when adding the flags for linking.
      This will give us a way to add language-specific compiler flags needed
      when driving the linker in the same place on the command line as other
      compiler flags go.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Features: Refactor <LANG>_STANDARD update · b115bc49
      Brad King authored
      In order to support generator expressions in target COMPILE_FEATURES
      we apply them at generate time.  Move this step to the beginning of
      generation instead of doing it on demand while collecting flags.
      This avoids repeating the process unnecessarily, and will then allow
      `cmLocalGenerator::AddCompilerRequirementFlag` to be used any time
      during generation.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 033d4f37
      Kitware Robot authored
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  11. 25 Apr, 2017 3 commits
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      VS2017: Verify Windows 8.1 SDK before using it · 0a29a311
      Roger Leigh authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      The detection logic added by commit v3.8.0-rc2~14^2 (VS2017: If Win 8.1
      SDK is not available, use Win 10 SDK, 2017-02-20) was incomplete.  It is
      possible for the Win 8.1 SDK registry entry to exist, and even the
      directory, but the header files to not actually be installed.  Teach
      `cmGlobalVisualStudio15Generator::IsWin81SDKInstalled` to verify that
      the `windows.h` header actually exists in the SDK directory.  We do this
      in `cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator::GetWindows10SDKVersion` for the
      Windows 10 SDK already.
      Fixes: #16811
    • Bernhard Burgermeister's avatar
      Ninja: support response file for cmake_ninja_depends on Windows · 594d3d6f
      Bernhard Burgermeister authored
      The internal tool "cmake_ninja_depends" now supports reading the list of ddi
      files from a reponse file to circumvent Windows command line length limits.
      Use this response file for dyndep rule on Windows.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 759c6752
      Kitware Robot authored