Commit d3034654 authored by Tibor Szabo's avatar Tibor Szabo
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FindCygwin: Use find_program instead of find_path

Cygwin's installation directory is mainly needed to use some programs
of it, irrespectively of the target architecture. However, find_path
does not consider cygwin with architecture different than the target
architecture. This is because cygwin's installation path is retrieved
from the registry. WOW64 view is not used by find_path if generating
for 32-bit architecture and vice versa, so cygwin is not found then.
find_program tries both views, this way a 64-bit cygwin may be used
for 32 bit build and vice versa.
parent ae5f98a5
......@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@
# this module looks for Cygwin
if (WIN32)
"[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Cygnus Solutions\\Cygwin\\mounts v2\\/;native]"
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