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......@@ -345,3 +345,20 @@ Other Changes
* The :command:`file(REMOVE)` and :command:`file(REMOVE_RECURSE)` commands
were changed to ignore empty arguments with a warning instead of treating
them as a relative path and removing the contents of the current directory.
Changes made since CMake 3.15.0 include the following.
* In CMake 3.15.0 support for the GNU-like ``Clang`` compiler targeting the
MSVC ABI implemented :variable:`CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD` values 98 and 11 using
the corresponding ``-std=`` flags. However, these modes do not work with
the MSVC standard library. Therefore CMake 3.15.1 passes C++14 standard
flags even for C++98 and C++11. This is consistent with MSVC itself which
always runs in a mode aware of C++14.
* Preliminary Swift support added in 3.15.0 has been updated.
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