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Help: Clarify how tests are run if no resource spec file is specified

Fixes: #19985
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......@@ -1331,6 +1331,23 @@ the :ref:`environment variables <ctest-resource-environment-variables>` to
determine which resources have been allocated to each group. For example,
each group may correspond to a process the test will spawn when executed.
Note that even if a test specifies a ``RESOURCE_GROUPS`` property, it is still
possible for that to test to run without any resource allocation (and without
the corresponding
:ref:`environment variables <ctest-resource-environment-variables>`)
if the user does not pass a resource specification file. Passing this file,
either through the ``--resource-spec-file`` command-line argument or the
``RESOURCE_SPEC_FILE`` argument to :command:`ctest_test`, is what activates the
resource allocation feature. Tests should check the
``CTEST_RESOURCE_GROUP_COUNT`` environment variable to find out whether or not
resource allocation is activated. This variable will always (and only) be
defined if resource allocation is activated. If resource allocation is not
activated, then the ``CTEST_RESOURCE_GROUP_COUNT`` variable will not exist,
even if it exists for the parent ``ctest`` process. If a test absolutely must
have resource allocation, then it can return a failing exit code or use the
properties to indicate a skipped test.
.. _`ctest-resource-specification-file`:
Resource Specification File
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