1. 21 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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      PolxarAxisFeatures: · 0063c6a9
      Mathieu Westphal authored
      New Feature for vtkAxisFollower
       * Offset is now vectoriel
      New features for axis actor
       * Finer control over size, thickness and placement of "minor" and "major" ticks
       * New Exponent label, with it's own location
       * Bug correction for Title visibility
       * Title Alignement control
       * Log axis
       * Better label style and scaling
       * Deprecation of CalculateLabelOffset and CalculateTitleOffset, which changes the class default behavior
      New features in polar exis actor
       * Finer control over each polar exis, radial axis, and secondary axis ( visibility, style, color )
       * Finer control over main arc and secondary arcs ( visibility, number, style, color)
       * Finer control over ticks and labels (visibility, style, color)
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      BUG: OpenGLPolyDataMapper2D regression · cc96bd93
      Bill Lorensen authored
      OpenGLPolyDataMapper2D for OpenGL was clipping the z components
      between -1,0 or 0,1. The logic is a bit different in OpenGL2 versus
      OpenGL. I believe it has somethiong to do with where the
      transformations are performed. I'm pretty sure z-clipping should not
      apply for 2D mappers. A new test was added that has polydata with a
      large z range.
      NOTE: To see the bug, download this patch and revert to the
      original mapper:
      git checkout master Rendering/OpenGL2
      ctest -R TestLegendBoxActor2
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    • Mathieu Westphal's avatar
      Scalar bar features · abf59cdb
      Mathieu Westphal authored
      1. Add finer Annotations control
      Annotations in scalar bar now have a it's own Text Property, allowing change to font, color, size...
      2. Add positibility to dislay Above/below ranges
      Scalar now have the possibility to display a dwatch for above and below value,
      to be used in conjonction with vtkLookupTable Above and Below feature
      3. Allow to use unconstrained font Size for label annotations and titles
      Title and other scalar bar texts used to be constrained by the scalar size
      by using this feature, it is now possible to have text of any size without resctriction
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    • Ethan Brodsky's avatar
      ENH: Modified vtkCornerAnnotation testing to improve code coverage · be1c1688
      Ethan Brodsky authored
      Modified TestCornerAnnotation to test a larger subset of
      vtkCornerAnnotation's behavior.  Switched from showing annotations
      over polygonal geometry to over a image, allowing for testing of
      the window/level and slice display functionality.  As a future
      enhancement, may want to try annotating over a 3D image to fully
      test the slice number substitutions.  Remaining uncovered code is
      primarily in the readback/copy/clear routines and some of the text
      sizing. Had to add vtkImageSources to the module.cmake/TEST_DEPENDS
      for Rendering/Annotation in order to use a canned image source -
      this could be avoided by generating an image from scratch.
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      Fix unnormalized interpolated normals · 34a8a2d2
      Ken Martin authored
      Interpolated normals are typically not unit length and need to
      be renormalized in the fragment shader. This change adds
      normalization for normals that are passed through the vertex shader
      and therefore interpolated. This change replaces a number of valid images
      that were previously added for OpenGL2 due to Phong lighting changes and
      it adds a number of new images due to the phong lighting change that
      are now showing up. Almost all the cases involve rendering low resolution
      spheres and cylinders, both of which come with normals in VTK and for which
      phong lighting can make a big difference.
      Change-Id: Iab60742b5684f3e7a6575b28ad23e10572c9e67d
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      Added "sticky" axes mode to vtkCubeAxesActor · 5040362b
      Cory Quammen authored
      This change adds a mode to vtkCubeAxesActor that keeps the axes in the
      viewport by changing the boundaries of the axes to keep them all
      within the viewport. It works by computing the largest sphere that
      will fit in the view frustum at the depth of the original bounding
      box's center, then computes a cube that fits within that sphere.  The
      final bounding box is the intersection of the original bounding box
      and the cube that fits within the sphere. If this intersection is
      empty, the bounds are invalidated so that no axes are displayed.
      The sticky axes mode also has a centering option that controls whether
      the truncated bounding box stays centered in the viewport or follows
      the center of the original bounding box along the longer of the two
      viewport dimensions. Whether this option is enabled or not, the axes
      are restricted to being within the viewport.
      Change-Id: I6dc3cd4127d2e4da8f2580fd2242ffa51270629a
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