1. 01 Dec, 2010 4 commits
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      ENH: Improvements to the 2D histogram, including legend. · 91c82ae7
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      Added a vtkColorLegend class, this is now displayed in a 2D histogram
      chart, and uses a vtkAxis to display the scale. There is still some
      work to do to get everything laid out correctly. Disabled the test for
      now, until the layout and display is working as expected.
      Change-Id: Iaa2a47538158d340d2f2c7120bd61d61e179b6cf
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      ENH: Accept vtkVector2f as a position. · c2d690c4
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      I need to refactor the axes to redistribute the tick labels when the
      axis position is changed. This should make axis update simpler, and
      ensure the tick marks/labels are in the correct position at all times.
      Change-Id: If4cfaa74ae8cca891c038acb1a284f825eb01914
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      ENH: Create textures from vtkImageData. · 4767760d
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      This function is still pretty raw, and will only work as expected when
      used with an OpenGL 2 card. It is only called in one of the DrawImage
      functions right now, and will either be generalized or removed. It is
      also hardwired right now for drawing images the way I need them drawn.
      Change-Id: Icf3a7160edadb47e2f857430ba7f9ae82a30e2d0
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      ENH: Split update from paint in vtk2DHistogramItem. · b6785333
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      Change-Id: Ie71cf7b7cc57898f39d472c1ef0679bb9e3e61ba
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