1. 06 Jan, 2015 3 commits
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      Fix floating point issue with chart test · 180ebd0b
      Ken Martin authored
      TestChartXYZ test fails on various platforms.  It turns out it is
      failing due to floating point issues. Basically
      1)	By default the plot data points define the bounds of the axes
          for the chart
      2)	the axes define the plot area (clip stuff outside that)
      3)	which defines the clipping plane equations
      4)	which can in turn clip the original data points subject to
          floating point precision
      This is what is happening (FYI, the point that disappears in the middle
      is actual on the boundary in the depth axis). This patch
      “fixes” the test by defining axes that are slightly bigger than the
      data and replacing the valid image.
      Change-Id: I25e7f05736f274ffc16633d8110767b9a5a5907b
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      Merge topic 'picking_fix' into master · 26af2896
      Ken Martin authored
      598a8347 Minor fix to the picking code
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      Minor fix to the picking code · 598a8347
      Ken Martin authored
      Fix in my calc when converting from OpenGL primatives to VTK
      Change-Id: Id1652ae3c5eddf0269c44fb953296cf385816bdd
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      BUG: Account for gradient G + mean(G,0) · ed860dc2
      Dan Lipsa authored
      If G is a gradient array G.shape = (n,3) we have that
      mean(G,0).shape = (3,). Appending 1s to the second array
      would result in a broadcast error, so we do not do it in
      this case.
      Change-Id: I7c46e1c0c4159c40511a221797487b27438cb079
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