Commit e181456d authored by Will Schroeder's avatar Will Schroeder
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Fixed overrrun issue former MR 1120

parent 26be68fd
......@@ -1080,13 +1080,16 @@ GenerateOutput(double value, T* rowPtr, vtkIdType row, vtkIdType slice)
// advance along voxel row
// advance along voxel row if not at the end
if ( i < dim0Wall )
ePtr[0]++; ePtr[1]++; ePtr[2]++; ePtr[3]++;
eCase = this->GetEdgeCase(ePtr);
sPtr += incs[0];
x[0] += xSpace;
}//if not at end of voxel row
} //for all non-trimmed cells along this x-edge
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