Commit 3fe8c432 authored by Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar Sankhesh Jhaveri 💬
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FIX: Tooltips not showing up when axis inverted.

Change-Id: I102302a612facfcd6e46a88e054f1fe05bf65950
parent 07b79ded
......@@ -1561,8 +1561,9 @@ bool vtkChartXY::LocatePointInPlots(const vtkContextMouseEvent &mouse,
position.GetData(), 1);
// Use a tolerance of +/- 5 pixels
vtkVector2f tolerance(5*(1.0/transform->GetMatrix()->GetElement(0, 0)),
5*(1.0/transform->GetMatrix()->GetElement(1, 1)));
vtkVector2f tolerance(
std::fabs(5*(1.0/transform->GetMatrix()->GetElement(0, 0))),
std::fabs(5*(1.0/transform->GetMatrix()->GetElement(1, 1))));
// Iterate through the visible plots and return on the first hit
vtkIdType segmentIndex = -1;
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