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    • Dženan Zukić's avatar
      STYLE: improving configuration of uncrustify · cb300700
      Dženan Zukić authored
      Enforces license header and the rest of configuration options. To enable it,
      manually run SetupForDevelopment.sh and enable uncrustify during configure.
      Also provided is default configuration file to be consulted when a new
      option is needed. This file has explanations for all the options.
      Also, some source code files have been modified to prevent ugly auto-reformatting.
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    • Mayeul Chassagnard's avatar
      ENH: Add ExternalData Management System · 267b7f72
      Mayeul Chassagnard authored
      Download Data from Girder according to data key files contained in iMSTK/Data
      This uses ExternalData.cmake (Requires CMake >= 2.8.11 release).
      Add TEST: Add ExternalDataTest to verify downloaded files from Girder
      * Be sure the data requiered for the test is not there (delete it)
      * Add the imstk_add_data(${target} ${data_list}) function in CMakeList.txt
      which calls ExternalData_expand_arguments().
      * It downloads the data provided by the data_list (relative path from
      Add DOC: Add documentation on ExternalData Management
      * How to add data to iMSTK from Grider
      * Update data
      * Use data
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