1. 31 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  2. 30 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      FindMPI: Retain unused link paths · e7c0298d
      Christian Pfeiffer authored
      If our ``find_library`` step hasn't used a particular link directory at
      all, it's best to retain it in order to prevent issues from secondary
      dependencies not being found.
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      FindMPI: Use more CMake variables · 8cddc899
      Christian Pfeiffer authored
      This replaces hardcoded expectations of flags like -l and -L with a
      dynamical solution based on CMake platform variables.
      Furthermore, the linker flag parsing is dynamified to support more forms
      and given linker paths are now removed properly from the linker flags.
  3. 25 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      FindMPI: Improve link information parsing · 8b79107a
      Christian Pfeiffer authored
      The parsing of link information coming from the compiler wrapper has been improved:
      - Support MSVC /link argument separation properly and add support for potential VC++ link flags
      - Rely on the global import/static/shared library suffixes instead of hardcoded special values.
      This should improve compatibility with Cygwin and MinGW should any MPI implementation there need this behavior.
      - Don't use ``find_library`` if the full path of a library is known anyways.
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