Commit 16c6764f authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic '17711-reset-xcode-target-var'


 cmGlobalXCodeGenerator: Properly initialize TARGETS variable
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Merge-request: !1757
parents 31550ebf 4349393d
......@@ -542,6 +542,7 @@ void cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::CreateReRunCMakeFile(
makefileStream << "# Generated by CMake, DO NOT EDIT\n\n";
makefileStream << "TARGETS:= \n";
makefileStream << "empty:= \n";
makefileStream << "space:= $(empty) $(empty)\n";
makefileStream << "spaceplus:= $(empty)\\ $(empty)\n\n";
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