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......@@ -174,9 +174,16 @@ Create custom targets to build projects in external trees
Install step options are:
``INSTALL_DIR <dir>``
Installation prefix
Installation prefix to be placed in the ``<INSTALL_DIR>`` placeholder.
This does not actually configure the external project to install to
the given prefix. That must be done by passing appropriate arguments
to the external project configuration step, e.g. using ``<INSTALL_DIR>``.
``INSTALL_COMMAND <cmd>...``
Command to drive install after build
Command to drive installation of the external project after it has been
built. This only happens at the *build* time of the calling project.
In order to install files from the external project alongside the
locally-built files, a separate local :command:`install` call must be
added to pick the files up from one of the external project trees.
Test step options are:
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