Commit 82c405c4 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬 Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'branch_coverage_working_dir'

c5ff34cc CTestCoverageCollectGCOV: specify base dir for GLOB_RECURSE
parents 7d5a0f5f c5ff34cc
......@@ -104,11 +104,11 @@ function(ctest_coverage_collect_gcov)
file(GLOB_RECURSE gfiles RELATIVE ${binary_dir} "*.gcda")
file(GLOB_RECURSE gfiles RELATIVE ${binary_dir} "${binary_dir}/*.gcda")
list(LENGTH gfiles len)
# if we have gcda files then also grab the labels file for that target
if(${len} GREATER 0)
file(GLOB_RECURSE lfiles RELATIVE ${binary_dir} "Labels.json")
file(GLOB_RECURSE lfiles RELATIVE ${binary_dir} "${binary_dir}/Labels.json")
list(APPEND gcda_files ${gfiles})
list(APPEND label_files ${lfiles})
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