Commit 666ad1df authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Revert "Ninja: Use full path for all source files"

This reverts commit v3.7.0-rc1~275^2 (Ninja: Use full path for all
source files, 2016-08-05).  Unfortunately using absolute paths can
cause incorrect rebuilds due to ninja limitations.  The ninja
manual [1] explains:

> ... using absolute paths, your depfile may result in a mixture of
> relative and absolute paths. Paths used by other build rules need
> to match exactly.

Passing an absolute path to a source file to the compiler while using a
relative path in the ninja build manifest can cause such mixture and
lead to incorrect rebuilds.  Simply revert the change for now.

Note that there was a follow-up to the original change in commit
v3.7.0-rc2~10^2 (Ninja: Fix RC language depfile generation with
cmcldeps, 2016-10-13).  We don't need to revert that because that
change made the relevant code cleverly adapt to whatever variable
we use to reference the source file.


Fixes: #16675
Issue: #13894
parent efac65d6
......@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ void cmNinjaTargetGenerator::WriteCompileRule(const std::string& lang)
vars.RuleLauncher = "RULE_LAUNCH_COMPILE";
vars.CMTarget = this->GetGeneratorTarget();
vars.Language = lang.c_str();
vars.Source = "$IN_ABS";
vars.Source = "$in";
vars.Object = "$out";
vars.Defines = "$DEFINES";
vars.Includes = "$INCLUDES";
......@@ -729,7 +729,8 @@ void cmNinjaTargetGenerator::WriteObjectBuildStatement(
cmSourceFile const* source, bool writeOrderDependsTargetForTarget)
std::string const language = source->GetLanguage();
std::string const sourceFileName = this->GetSourceFilePath(source);
std::string const sourceFileName =
language == "RC" ? source->GetFullPath() : this->GetSourceFilePath(source);
std::string const objectDir =
std::string const objectFileName =
......@@ -738,8 +739,6 @@ void cmNinjaTargetGenerator::WriteObjectBuildStatement(
cmNinjaVars vars;
vars["IN_ABS"] = this->GetLocalGenerator()->ConvertToOutputFormat(
source->GetFullPath(), cmOutputConverter::SHELL);
vars["FLAGS"] = this->ComputeFlagsForObject(source, language);
vars["DEFINES"] = this->ComputeDefines(source, language);
vars["INCLUDES"] = this->GetIncludes(language);
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