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Help: Add policy summaries to cmake-policies(7)

In Sphinx output formats that print the toctree the policy numbers in
links from the cmake-policies(7) manual are not descriptive.  Convert
the toctree entries to cross-reference syntax and add the summary of
each policy.  For now simply duplicate the policy summary line.  We
already maintain copies in `cmPolicies.h` and `Help/policy/*.rst` docs.
parent b74d73e5
......@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 3.4
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0065: Do not add flags to export symbols from executables without the ENABLE_EXPORTS target property. </policy/CMP0065>
CMP0064: Support new TEST if() operator. </policy/CMP0064>
Policies Introduced by CMake 3.3
......@@ -66,13 +66,13 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 3.3
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0063: Honor visibility properties for all target types. </policy/CMP0063>
CMP0062: Disallow install() of export() result. </policy/CMP0062>
CMP0061: CTest does not by default tell make to ignore errors (-i). </policy/CMP0061>
CMP0060: Link libraries by full path even in implicit directories. </policy/CMP0060>
CMP0059: Do not treat DEFINITIONS as a built-in directory property. </policy/CMP0059>
CMP0058: Ninja requires custom command byproducts to be explicit. </policy/CMP0058>
CMP0057: Support new IN_LIST if() operator. </policy/CMP0057>
Policies Introduced by CMake 3.2
......@@ -80,8 +80,8 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 3.2
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0056: Honor link flags in try_compile() source-file signature. </policy/CMP0056>
CMP0055: Strict checking for break() command. </policy/CMP0055>
Policies Introduced by CMake 3.1
......@@ -89,10 +89,10 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 3.1
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0054: Only interpret if() arguments as variables or keywords when unquoted. </policy/CMP0054>
CMP0053: Simplify variable reference and escape sequence evaluation. </policy/CMP0053>
CMP0052: Reject source and build dirs in installed INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES. </policy/CMP0052>
CMP0051: List TARGET_OBJECTS in SOURCES target property. </policy/CMP0051>
Policies Introduced by CMake 3.0
......@@ -100,33 +100,33 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 3.0
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0050: Disallow add_custom_command SOURCE signatures. </policy/CMP0050>
CMP0049: Do not expand variables in target source entries. </policy/CMP0049>
CMP0048: project() command manages VERSION variables. </policy/CMP0048>
CMP0047: Use QCC compiler id for the qcc drivers on QNX. </policy/CMP0047>
CMP0046: Error on non-existent dependency in add_dependencies. </policy/CMP0046>
CMP0045: Error on non-existent target in get_target_property. </policy/CMP0045>
CMP0044: Case sensitive Lang_COMPILER_ID generator expressions. </policy/CMP0044>
CMP0043: Ignore COMPILE_DEFINITIONS_Config properties. </policy/CMP0043>
CMP0042: MACOSX_RPATH is enabled by default. </policy/CMP0042>
CMP0041: Error on relative include with generator expression. </policy/CMP0041>
CMP0040: The target in the TARGET signature of add_custom_command() must exist. </policy/CMP0040>
CMP0039: Utility targets may not have link dependencies. </policy/CMP0039>
CMP0038: Targets may not link directly to themselves. </policy/CMP0038>
CMP0037: Target names should not be reserved and should match a validity pattern. </policy/CMP0037>
CMP0036: The build_name command should not be called. </policy/CMP0036>
CMP0035: The variable_requires command should not be called. </policy/CMP0035>
CMP0034: The utility_source command should not be called. </policy/CMP0034>
CMP0033: The export_library_dependencies command should not be called. </policy/CMP0033>
CMP0032: The output_required_files command should not be called. </policy/CMP0032>
CMP0031: The load_command command should not be called. </policy/CMP0031>
CMP0030: The use_mangled_mesa command should not be called. </policy/CMP0030>
CMP0029: The subdir_depends command should not be called. </policy/CMP0029>
CMP0028: Double colon in target name means ALIAS or IMPORTED target. </policy/CMP0028>
CMP0027: Conditionally linked imported targets with missing include directories. </policy/CMP0027>
CMP0026: Disallow use of the LOCATION target property. </policy/CMP0026>
CMP0025: Compiler id for Apple Clang is now AppleClang. </policy/CMP0025>
CMP0024: Disallow include export result. </policy/CMP0024>
Policies Introduced by CMake 2.8
......@@ -134,18 +134,18 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 2.8
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0023: Plain and keyword target_link_libraries signatures cannot be mixed. </policy/CMP0023>
CMP0022: INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES defines the link interface. </policy/CMP0022>
CMP0021: Fatal error on relative paths in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property. </policy/CMP0021>
CMP0020: Automatically link Qt executables to qtmain target on Windows. </policy/CMP0020>
CMP0019: Do not re-expand variables in include and link information. </policy/CMP0019>
CMP0018: Ignore CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_Lang_FLAGS variable. </policy/CMP0018>
CMP0017: Prefer files from the CMake module directory when including from there. </policy/CMP0017>
CMP0016: target_link_libraries() reports error if its only argument is not a target. </policy/CMP0016>
CMP0015: link_directories() treats paths relative to the source dir. </policy/CMP0015>
CMP0014: Input directories must have CMakeLists.txt. </policy/CMP0014>
CMP0013: Duplicate binary directories are not allowed. </policy/CMP0013>
CMP0012: if() recognizes numbers and boolean constants. </policy/CMP0012>
Policies Introduced by CMake 2.6
......@@ -153,15 +153,15 @@ Policies Introduced by CMake 2.6
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
CMP0011: Included scripts do automatic cmake_policy PUSH and POP. </policy/CMP0011>
CMP0010: Bad variable reference syntax is an error. </policy/CMP0010>
CMP0009: FILE GLOB_RECURSE calls should not follow symlinks by default. </policy/CMP0009>
CMP0008: Libraries linked by full-path must have a valid library file name. </policy/CMP0008>
CMP0007: list command no longer ignores empty elements. </policy/CMP0007>
CMP0006: Installing MACOSX_BUNDLE targets requires a BUNDLE DESTINATION. </policy/CMP0006>
CMP0005: Preprocessor definition values are now escaped automatically. </policy/CMP0005>
CMP0004: Libraries linked may not have leading or trailing whitespace. </policy/CMP0004>
CMP0003: Libraries linked via full path no longer produce linker search paths. </policy/CMP0003>
CMP0002: Logical target names must be globally unique. </policy/CMP0002>
CMP0001: CMAKE_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY should no longer be used. </policy/CMP0001>
CMP0000: A minimum required CMake version must be specified. </policy/CMP0000>
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