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Change building instructions to favor official distribution

The original brief building instructions started with a git
clone, which works fine but encourages new users to grab the
latest development snapshot. It is probably better for new
users to use a release. Change the instructions to show
using a tarball. Even if the version changes, the general
idea should be captured.
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......@@ -120,20 +120,24 @@ to generate all the build rules for the project. The VTK-m source code is
available from the [VTK-m download page] or by directly cloning the [VTK-m
git repository].
$ git clone
The basic procedure for building VTK-m is to unpack the source, create a
build directory, run CMake in that build directory (pointing to the source)
and then build. Here are some example *nix commands for the process
(individual commands may vary).
$ tar xvzf ~/Downloads/vtk-m-v1.4.0.tar.gz
$ mkdir vtkm-build
$ cd vtkm-build
$ cmake-gui ../vtk-m
$ make -j<N>
$ make test
$ cmake-gui ../vtk-m-v1.4.0
$ cmake --build -j . # Runs make (or other build program)
A more detailed description of building VTK-m is available in the [VTK-m
Users Guide].
## Example##
## Example ##
The VTK-m source distribution includes a number of examples. The goal of the
VTK-m examples is to illustrate specific VTK-m concepts in a consistent and
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