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add link to tutorial at the wiki

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......@@ -28,6 +28,12 @@ You can find out more about the design of VTK-m on the [VTK-m Wiki].
+ "Part 4: Advanced Development" covers topics such as new worklet
types and custom device adapters.
+ A practical [VTK-m Tutorial] based in what users want to accomplish with
+ Building VTK-m and using existing VTK-m data structures and filters.
+ Algorithm development with VTK-m.
+ Writing new VTK-m filters.
+ Community discussion takes place on the [VTK-m users email list].
+ Doxygen-generated nightly reference documentation is available
......@@ -216,4 +222,5 @@ See [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt) for details.
[VTK-m Users Guide]:
[VTK-m users email list]:
[VTK-m Wiki]:
[VTK-m Tutorial]:]:
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