Commit b0ee3b87 authored by Andrew Chin's avatar Andrew Chin
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gitlab: Add modify_merge_request_note function

parent 939cfbf5
......@@ -1576,6 +1576,24 @@ impl Gitlab {
self.put_with_param(path, &[("body", content.as_ref())])
/// Edit a note on a merge request.
pub fn modify_merge_request_note<C>(
project: ProjectId,
merge_request: MergeRequestInternalId,
note: NoteId,
content: C,
) -> GitlabResult<Note>
C: AsRef<str>,
let path = &format!(
project, merge_request, note,
self.put_with_param(path, &[("body", content.as_ref())])
/// Get issues closed by a merge request.
pub fn get_issues_closed_by_merge_request<I, K, V>(
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