Commit 91cb2098 authored by Nicholas Omer Chiasson's avatar Nicholas Omer Chiasson Committed by Ben Boeckel
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gitlab: add API endpoint for groups

parent 8398073c
......@@ -207,6 +207,17 @@ impl Gitlab {
/// Get all accessible groups.
pub fn groups<I, K, V>(&self, params: I) -> Result<Vec<Group>>
I: IntoIterator,
I::Item: Borrow<(K, V)>,
K: AsRef<str>,
V: AsRef<str>,
self.get_paged_with_param("groups", params)
/// Get a project's hooks.
pub fn hooks<I, K, V>(&self, project: ProjectId, params: I) -> Result<Vec<ProjectHook>>
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