Commit 6d4d192d authored by Makoto Nakashima's avatar Makoto Nakashima
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Rename to commit_latest_build, improve docstrings.

parent fd66aca0
......@@ -293,12 +293,12 @@ impl Gitlab {
/// Get the builds of a commit.
pub fn commit_builds(&self, project: ProjectId, commit: &str) -> GitlabResult<Vec<Build>> {
/// Get the latest builds of a commit.
pub fn commit_latest_builds(&self, project: ProjectId, commit: &str) -> GitlabResult<Vec<Build>> {
self._get_paged(&format!("projects/{}/repository/commits/{}/builds", project, commit))
/// Get the builds of a commit.
/// Get the all builds of a commit.
pub fn commit_all_builds(&self, project: ProjectId, commit: &str) -> GitlabResult<Vec<Build>> {
let mut req = try!(self._mkrequest(&format!("projects/{}/repository/commits/{}/builds",
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