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Merge topic 'create_params'

196f5a2a Merge branch 'master' into 'create_params'
5d483289 Merge branch 'create_params' of into create_params
3cb4b5ef fix: type in types
50f285ef Change String::from() to &st in create_project and create_group
4403d5ba Add params to create_project method
528cf23a gitlab: support querying the GraphQL endpoint
1d335df2 cargo: prep for 0.1208.1

 gitlab: handle invalid milestones gracefully
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Ben Boeckel's avatarBen Boeckel <>
Acked-by: Ben Boeckel's avatarBen Boeckel <>
Merge-request: !196
parents 9265fda1 196f5a2a
......@@ -430,27 +430,42 @@ impl Gitlab {
.ok_or_else(|| GitlabError::no_such_user(name.as_ref()))
/// Create a project (Needs admin access)
/// Create a project
/// # Arguments:
/// * name: the name of the project
/// * path: the path of the project. Optional: name is used if None
/// * params: optional arguments for project creation
/// # Example
/// ```rust, no_run
/// use gitlab::{Gitlab, CreateProjectParams, GitlabBuilder};
/// let gitlab = GitlabBuilder::new("host", "token").build().unwrap();
/// let params = CreateProjectParams::builder()
/// .description("Splendid project")
/// .build()
/// .unwrap();
/// gitlab.create_project("My Project", Some("project"), Some(params));
/// ```
pub fn create_project<N: AsRef<str>, P: AsRef<str>>(
name: N,
path: Option<P>,
namespace_id: GroupId,
params: Option<CreateProjectParams>,
) -> GitlabResult<Project> {
let url = "projects";
let mut merged_params = params.unwrap_or_default();
let path = match path.as_ref() {
None => name.as_ref(),
Some(s) => s.as_ref(),
}; = Some(name.as_ref().to_string());
merged_params.path = Some(path.to_string());
("name", name.as_ref()),
("path", path),
("namespace_id", namespace_id.to_string().as_str()),
self.post_with_param(url, &merged_params)
/// Create a new file in repository
......@@ -618,13 +633,9 @@ impl Gitlab {
path: P,
params: Option<CreateGroupParams>,
) -> GitlabResult<Group> {
let url = String::from("groups");
let url = "groups";
let mut merged_params = if let Some(p) = params {
} else {
let mut merged_params = params.unwrap_or_default(); = Some(name.as_ref().to_string());
merged_params.path = Some(path.as_ref().to_string());
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ use std::fmt::{self, Display, Formatter};
use std::str::FromStr;
use crates::chrono::{DateTime, NaiveDate, Utc};
use crates::reqwest::Url;
use crates::serde::de::{DeserializeOwned, Error, Unexpected};
use crates::serde::{Deserialize, Deserializer, Serialize, Serializer};
use crates::serde_json::{self, Value};
......@@ -2857,3 +2858,180 @@ impl CreateGroupParamsBuilder {
/// Params for project creation.
/// Used with `create_project` method (see [doc here](../gitlab/struct.Gitlab.html#method.create_project))
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Builder, Serialize, Default)]
#[builder(setter(into, strip_option))]
pub struct CreateProjectParams {
/// The name of the project
pub(crate) name: Option<String>,
/// The path of the project
pub(crate) path: Option<String>,
/// Namespace for the new projects (defaults to current user namespaces)
namespace_id: Option<u64>,
/// `master` by default
default_branch: Option<String>,
/// Short project description
description: Option<String>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
issues_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
repository_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
merge_requests_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
builds_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
wiki_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`
snippets_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// One of `disabled`, `private`, `enabled`, `public`
pages_access_level: Option<FeatureVisibilityLevel>,
/// Automatically resolve merge requests diffs discussions on lines changed with a push
resolve_outdated_diff_discussions: Option<bool>,
/// Enable container registry for this project
container_registry_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// Update the container expiration for this project.
container_expiration_policy_attributes: Option<Vec<String>>,
/// Enable shared runners for this project
shared_runners_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// Project visibility level
visibility: Option<VisibilityLevel>,
/// URL to import repository from
#[builder(setter(name = "_import_url"))]
import_url: Option<String>,
/// If `true` jobs can be viewed by non-project members
public_builds: Option<bool>,
/// Set wether merge requests can only be merged with successful jobs
only_allow_merge_if_pipeline_succeeds: Option<bool>,
/// Set wether merge requests can only be merged when all the discussions are resolved
only_allow_merge_if_all_discussions_are_resolved: Option<bool>,
/// Set the merge method used
merge_method: Option<MergeMethod>,
/// Set wether auto-closing referenced issues on default branch
autoclose_referenced_issues: Option<bool>,
/// Enable LFS
lfs_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// Allow user to request member access
request_access_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// The list of tags for a project
tag_list: Option<Vec<String>>,
/// Image file for avatar of the project
// TODO: Handle the mixed type for avatar data
avatar: Option<Vec<u8>>,
/// Show link to create/view merge request wehen pushing from the command line
printing_merge_request_link_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// The git strategy. Defaults to fetch
build_git_strategy: Option<BuildGitStrategy>,
/// The maximum amount of time in minutes a job is allowed to run
build_timeout: Option<u64>,
/// Auto-cancel pending pipeline
auto_cancel_pending_pipelines: Option<bool>,
/// Test coverage parsing
build_coverage_regex: Option<String>,
/// The path to CI config file
ci_config_path: Option<String>,
/// Enable Auto DevOps for this project
auto_devops_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// Auto Deploy strategy (`continuous`, `manual` or `timed_incremental`)
auto_devops_deploy_strategy: Option<String>,
/// [Gitlab starter and higher]
/// Which storage shard the repository is on. Available only to admins
repository_storage: Option<String>,
/// [Gitlab starter and higher]
/// How many approvers should approve merge requests by default
approvals_before_merge: Option<u64>,
/// [Gitlab starter and higher]
/// The classification label for the project
external_authorization_classification_label: Option<String>,
/// [Gitlab starter and higher] Enables pull mirroring in a project
mirror: Option<bool>,
/// [Gitlab starter and higher]
/// Pull mirroring triggers builds
mirror_trigger_builds: Option<String>,
/// `false` by default
initialize_with_readme: Option<bool>,
/// When used without `use_custom_template`, name of a built-in project template.
/// When used with `use_custom_template`, name of a custom project template
template_name: Option<String>,
/// [Gitlab silver and higher]
/// When used with `use_custom_template`, project ID of a custom project template.
/// This is preferable to using `template_name` since `template_name` may be ambiguous
template_project_id: Option<u64>,
/// [Gitlab silver and higher]
/// When used with `use_custom_template`, project ID of a custom project template.
/// This is preferable to using `template_name` since `template_name` may be ambiguous
use_custom_template: Option<bool>,
/// [Gitlab silver and higher]
/// For group-level custom templates, specifies ID of group from which all the custom project templates are sourced.
/// Leave empty for instance-level templates. Requires `use_custom_template` to be true
group_with_project_templates_id: Option<u64>,
/// [Gitlab silver and higher]
/// Enable or disable packages repository feature
packages_enabled: Option<bool>,
impl CreateProjectParams {
pub fn builder() -> CreateProjectParamsBuilder {
impl CreateProjectParamsBuilder {
pub fn import_url(&mut self, url: Url) -> &mut Self {
self.import_url = Some(Some(url.as_str().to_string()));
/// Merge methods
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy, PartialEq, Eq)]
pub enum MergeMethod {
/// A merge commit is created for every merge,
/// and merging is allowed as long as there are no conflicts
/// A merge commit is created for every merge, but merging is possible only if
/// fast-forward merge is possible
/// No merge commit create, all merges are fast-forwarded
enum_serialize!(MergeMethod -> "merge_method",
Merge => "merge",
RebaseMerge => "rebase_merge",
FastForward => "ff",
/// Build git strategy
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy, PartialEq, Eq)]
pub enum BuildGitStrategy {
enum_serialize!(BuildGitStrategy -> "build_git_strategy",
Fetch => "fetch",
Clone => "clone",
/// Auto devops deply strategy
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy, PartialEq, Eq)]
pub enum AutoDeployStrategy {
enum_serialize!(AutoDeployStrategy -> "auto_devops_deploy_strategy",
Continuous => "continuous",
Manual => "manual",
TimedIncremental => "timed_incremental",
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