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Add a simple function to create a merge request using gitlab API.

using derive builder to handle optional parameters
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...@@ -1476,6 +1476,15 @@ impl Gitlab { ...@@ -1476,6 +1476,15 @@ impl Gitlab {
) )
} }
/// Create a new merge request
pub fn create_merge_request(
project: ProjectId,
params: CreateMergeRequestParams,
) -> GitlabResult<MergeRequest> {
self.post_with_param(format!("projects/{}/merge_requests", project), &params)
/// Get all pipelines for a project. /// Get all pipelines for a project.
pub fn pipelines<I, K, V>( pub fn pipelines<I, K, V>(
&self, &self,
...@@ -1934,6 +1934,45 @@ impl From<MergeRequestChanges> for MergeRequest { ...@@ -1934,6 +1934,45 @@ impl From<MergeRequestChanges> for MergeRequest {
} }
} }
/// param to create a merge request.
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Builder, Debug, Clone, Default)]
#[builder(setter(into, strip_option))]
pub struct CreateMergeRequestParams {
/// The source branch on source project
pub source_branch: String,
/// The target branch
pub target_branch: String,
/// Title of MR
pub title: String,
/// assignee user ID
pub assignee_id: Option<UserId>,
/// The ID of the user(s) to assign the MR to.
/// Set to 0 or provide an empty value to unassign all assignees.
pub assignee_ids: Option<Vec<UserId>>,
/// Description of MR
pub description: Option<String>,
/// The target project (numeric id) if different from source project
pub target_project_id: Option<ProjectId>,
/// Labels for MR as a comma-separated list
pub labels: Option<String>,
/// The global ID of a milestone
pub milestone_id: Option<MilestoneId>,
/// Flag indicating if a merge request should remove the source branch when merging
pub remove_source_branch: Option<bool>,
/// Allow commits from members who can merge to the target branch
pub allow_collaboration: Option<bool>,
/// Squash commits into a single commit when merging
pub squash: Option<bool>,
impl CreateMergeRequestParams {
pub fn builder() -> CreateMergeRequestParamsBuilder {
/// Type-safe SSH key ID. /// Type-safe SSH key ID.
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, Clone, Copy, Hash, PartialEq, Eq)] #[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, Clone, Copy, Hash, PartialEq, Eq)]
pub struct SshKeyId(u64); pub struct SshKeyId(u64);
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